Taste of Smyrna

Saturday, Keyalus and I loaded up our strollers and headed to the Taste of Smyrna.  As you can imagine I am all about the “tastes.”  After enjoying the Taste of Marietta earlier this spring, I had high hopes for this one.  Although it wasn’t as big, I still found a couple of treats.  See pics below along with my super-complicated rating system.

Chicken Diji (3 Stars)

Brisket Sliders (3 stars)


Meatball (1 Star)

Peanut Butter Pie (4 Stars)


What’s not pictured is a fried green tomato with pimento cheese and (I think it was) horseradish.  It was yummy (4 stars) and I totally plan on recreating that in my kitchen.

It was great spending time with Keyalus and Lewis.  It’s crazy that her little guy is walking since I remember the day he was born.  He’s still a sweetie even though he was straight up mean muggin Foxy.  I believe, however, that one day they will be best buds.

The only downside to the day was making my way to the car and discovering I didn’t have my car keys.  It was hot, I was tired and so was baby.  Thankfully, a Smyrna fire and rescue dude overheard me talking about my lost keys.  He said a woman had turned some in to a police officer.  Unfortunately, said officer was called away to a police chase with my keys in his pocket.  So I had to wait a bit before he returned.

I won’t tell you how I lost my keys.  They were never lost.  I left them on the trunk of my car and someone turned them in so my car wouldn’t be stolen.

Overall it was a great afternoon.  I’m looking forward to getting a few more festivals before the season is over!

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10 Responses to Taste of Smyrna

  1. K. Rock says:

    Left your keys on the trunk? Ha!!! Good thing someone turned them in.

    I am very much looking forward to Taste of Atlanta next month. This will be my first one. I hope it will be good. Thanks for the food pics!

    TofA is cool but very expensive. And very crowded. I’ll be there too. Let me know what day you decide to go. Perhaps we can bump into each other!

  2. keyalus says:

    I do believe Foxy is giving Lewis the side eye in that picture!

  3. keyalus says:

    Oh yeah, we ate at Motherland Kitchen yesterday and I tried the curry chicken and Jellof rice (I thought she said yellow at the festival) which was absolutely delicious. African curry is apparently different so it was red and not greenish like Carribbean curry. The Mister tried the Jerk Chicken and liked it even though he said it didn’t taste like jerk chicken at all.

    One warning, call ahead at least 20 minutes. I think she makes the food fresh and she was the only one working the whole joint. I took forever to come out!

  4. missmajestic says:

    Babs I have left my keys in my trunk b4. and had the police grab them and call before I even realized they were missing.

    and I think Foxy wants Lewis to back up off her ride in that photo.

  5. fornot says:

    Those sliders look goooooooood. I woulda ate about a dozen of them

  6. MrsTDJ says:

    I did the key thing once when my little guy was about 7 months old. He and I had been at the park, when I locked us out (I could see the keys on the passenger seat). Doh! Hot, August afternoon. Hubby was way across town and it took him a long 20 minutes to get to us.

    I love food festivals. There’s a local on in Maryland, called the Taste of Bethesda that we’re looking forward too next weekend. Peanut butter pie sounds heavenly!

  7. t. sheree says:

    Look at the cutie pies!!!

    That food looks yummy…lol.

  8. I can’t believe I missed taste of Smyrna!!! Those sliders look goooood….

  9. brannon says:

    Little Lewis and Foxy are adorable! Wait until they’re older and they see those pics of themselves 🙂 I love looking back on old photos of my favorite cousin and I, especially.

  10. S23 says:

    That pic is too cute! Lewis looks like he’s peaking in to see what the fuss is all about for the little lady!

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