The Village

Last week when I mentioned that I was going to have to miss a work event because I had to pick the baby up from daycare, my good friend Rehab offered to pick her up and take care of her while I executed the event.  I had lined up someone (whom I thought) was close to me to do the task, but when that person bailed on me I was happy to have Rehab to turn to at the last-minute.

She took great of my precious angel while I was at work.  Although I had planned to not be there during the reception, I am glad I was.  There were a few last-minute glitches that needed tending to and no one else would have been able to handle them as smoothly as I did.  It was a great success and I am still receiving accolades from those that attended.  I can’t thank Rehab enough for allowing me the opportunity to do my job which will keep a roof over our heads and clothes on Foxy’s back!

Rehab is not the only friend that I can turn to.  I know, without a doubt, that if I need help I can call on CaliSlim, DiscoDiva, or Dark&Lovely.  Hell, I know that I can even call the Intern and he’ll gladly help out.  It’s very reassuring to have these kind of friends.  Never before has being alone down here with no family been more impactful than now when I have Foxy.

For those of you that are single parents, who are your go-to people when you need help with your children?

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14 Responses to The Village

  1. kimmy says:

    My kids paternal grandparents. Even though they are divorced and live separately, they are both retired I can always depend on one of them. I find that my friends who already have children are more reliable than my friends who don’t have any.

  2. sherri says:

    Why is it that everything falls to mommy? Why can’t Daddy leave work early on occasion???

  3. Nerd Girl says:

    Pserendipity has never let me down! Unfortunately for us – yay for she and her crew – she and Aidan won’t be around much longer 😦

    I’m afraid that doesn’t sound right. I will miss P – not just ’cause she’ll keep my kid when asked…oh hell, y’all know what I mean!

  4. I am glad that Rehab was there to pick up the slack and I would point out that Rehab doesn’t have any children. Not all the childless amongst us are slackers.

    It is a blessing to have good, trustworthy reliable people in your life, PERIOD.

  5. keyalus says:

    I can help too! Except that with Lewis and living halfway to TN it isn’t quite so simple as it might be for the other village members. 🙂

  6. S23 says:

    This was a big thing for me when I first had Tyler. My family lived 1.5hrs away from me. And most of my friends were childless. Once the novelty of playing with a new baby wears off, people woud rather do their own thing than babysit. But Tyler also moved to a home daycare and the lady took care of him like she was a family member. So if at the last minute I couldn’t leave work on time, she would take care of him until I could get there. There were lots of days when I would get home and cry b/c I felt like I was all alone and as Sherri said “everything was on mommy.” I felt bad calling in to work when he was sick, but what else could I do. I had to really get an adjustment mentally b/c before you just look out for yourself and now this baby has only ME to depend on. When I first moved here, I was back in that same spot, except I had a different mindset. Who cares if I couldn’t work late or had to call in, I had a baby that needed me. I made sure that any employer I was gonna work for knew I was a single mom and my kid comes first. But I did make a point to network and meet other single moms and moms b/c there’s always gonna be a day when you need somebody. This worked out well, now I have multiple people that I can call if I ever need help with Tyler. But in turn, I have to be willing to help them out as well.

  7. Ames says:

    When I was having my son I had to spend a long time at the hospital by myself. My husband was pulling together an exit plan for my daughter.

    My sister’s friend flew with her from L.A. to Oakland because we had no one who could watch her. My cousin spent the night with her and dropped her at the airport.

    When she’s in Oakland, I have an aunt and cousins who help my mom out but since everyone works my daughter sometimes ends up at the office.

    The being away from family is a big reason we will be moving closer to my family.

  8. SimplyB says:

    Unfortunately I will lose my village come January. I’m moving to Charleston,SC.

    But for now my sisters are always there to help and my daughters paternal side fight over each other to help.

    As much as I will hate losing the help I think it is my time to go!

  9. Dark&Lovely says:

    Awww Babs!! What a sweet shout out you gave us!! And we know that Rehab is not only a trustworthy friend, but she wants to get in practice for the little one that is bound to result from all the newlywed secksy time 😉

    Seriously, though we’re just a telephone call away and I feel bad because I probably don’t do enough checking on you just to see if you need anything. Its funny because “Uncle Weezy” asks about you and Foxy frequently because I think he fully expected that I’d have babysitting duty by now, lol!

  10. Rehab says:

    I had so much fun hanging out with Foxy last week. She was a pure joy. I’m looking fwd to the next time you need to call on the Village..

  11. CaliSlim says:

    You know we always have your back Babs. 🙂 And I totally agree that with family so far away, we need to look out for each other!

  12. Disco Diva says:

    Babs…you can’t trust someone with a Kindle to watch your kids! Don’t listen to Keyalus. But I am always here…and Gator Girl also needs to get some practice in so she can fill up that house!

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