Meet Pootie Tang

I love my Nook.  Love it!  I don’t know how I ever lived without it.

I used to love to read all the time, but stopped reading as often as I did right around the time I started blogging.  Go figure.

The Nook has already reignited my love affair with the written word.  I love that I can carry it with me everywhere I go.  When I am trying to multistask by nursing Foxy and whatnot I can read with ease.  It was great to have on the plane with her in my lap.  And I carry it to work every day for my twice a day pumping tasks.  Being able to push a button, rather than turn an actual page makes things so much easier.

There is a debate amongst my circle on whether to get a Kindle or a Nook.  Some suckas like Keyalus ended up getting a Kindle.  I think they will regret that decision when the rest of us are lending each other books and getting tons of free ebooks and reading for free whilst sitting in B&N.  Come to the dark side, Keyalus!

For a while my Nook was nameless, but thanks to K.Rock it is now affectionately known as Pootie Tang.

Sada tay!

Do you have a Nook?  Do you love it?

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23 Responses to Meet Pootie Tang

  1. K. Rock says:

    Ha!! Nice to meet you Pootie!

  2. cbean says:

    I have a nook and LOVE IT!!

    Now momma, you have to spell da baby’s right. It is nook (little n).

    And you must learn to use the touch screen to turn your pages. Pushing the buttons will lead to crackage.

    And put some clothes on that baby!! Got the baby up there all naked. smh.

    She’s not naked! She has on a lovely red leather coat!

  3. krissy says:

    I don’t know. I love the feel of actual books

  4. cbean says:

    She needs some skin. Check out and You will fall in love.

    Oh, that’s not my stilo. I’m a simple girl.

  5. kez says:

    Stepping out of Lurkville to vote for team nook. I chose the nook over the Kindle for its lending function and it’s access to library e-books. Free books rule!


  6. AR Gal says:

    After reading about bed bugs in books (Thanks MrsTDJ), I’m seriously considering getting one.

  7. Gladys says:

    I’m currently using Kindle for Amazon on my android phone. I’d love a an actual nook, too! Might be a gift to myself!

  8. amyg says:

    Someone needs to fill me in on the power of the nook. What is this about borrowing books from others and library?!?!?!? You have me intrigued….

  9. cbean says:

    @amyg. The nook and the Sony e-reader are capable of “borrowing” books from the library via Adobe Digital Editions. You download that software and then go to the library’s website and download the book you want to borrow. It will populate in the ADE software and you then drag and drop it into your nook. Depending on the library you can check out a book for 7/14/21 days. You go to to see if your library has an ebook inventory or you can just call them. If no library around you has ebooks you can get an out of state membership with the Libray of Philadelphia for like $15 a year.

    Now as far as lending. Certain books are lendable. Not all. So if I have a lendable book that Babs wants to borrow, I can email her my book for I think 14 days. She has to accept the loan before the clock starts ticking. After the 14 days, it will automatically leave Babs and come back to me. The only down side about lending is you can only lend a book one time. So if someone else wants to borrow the book I lent to Babs, I can’t lend it to them. The exception is if Babs never accepts the lend, it comes back to my nook after 7 days and then I can re-lend it since it was never technically lent. The best part about lending is the other person doesn’t have to have a physical nook, they can just have a nook app and an email address. So if you have the nook app on your PC, I can lend you a book from my nook to your PC.

    Whew sorry for the blog Babs. I love talking about my nook.

  10. kim says:

    Thanks for the explanation! I have the kindle app on my phone. I just got an ipad and I have the kindle app on it as well! The ipad, which I love btw, has some ore apps, I just have’nt gotten around to exploring them. Plus i still have and buy tons of actual books.

  11. cbean says:

    @Babs. I like the skin. But realistically it’s a little waste of money since the biggest representation of your picture is on the back that will never be seen if you keep it in a cover. I paid $14.99 for mine, but if they sold them separate, I would have loved to just get the front piece for like $5.

  12. amyg says:

    ps. loving the name of your nook, babs 🙂

  13. Rehab says:

    I gotta rep for Apple.. I love B&N like a favorite cousin, by my one true love is now and will always be the iPad..

  14. Disco Diva says:

    There are a few things that have literally changed my life from a technology standpoint: DVR, Iphone….and Snookie!

    I have coveted the Kindle since before Oprah started talking about 4 years ago…but $399 was just not in the budget. But when ereaders started dropping to $150, I knew it was fate! Once I started researching between the 2 I thought the nook was a better value for the lending and library. AND NOW I LOVE IT. Its so nice to not have to use 2 hands to read.

    I am totally getting rid of every book in my house (probably upwards of 200 books)…(not really…just the ones I don’t want to read any more 🙂

  15. CreolePeach says:

    This is making me want one! I’ve just gotten back into reading also and there are times an actual book can be a little cumbersome. I’ll probably eventually break down and get one.

  16. Thank the Lawd! Someone with a nook!!!! I’ve been in the process of trying to decide between the nook and the kindle for a while. I played with the nook today, and I think I’m in love……

  17. Lita says:

    I just got my nook last week for my bday. I love it already!!!

  18. laughing808 says:

    team kindle here……………I so love it having so many reading options at my fingertips.

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