Turned Off

I am vehemently against Foxy watching television before she is a year old.

This is Foxy watching television. *smh*

I remember the first time I noticed that she was looking towards the television.  I was at a restaurant that had plasma on the ceiling.  She was fixated on some sporting event and began yelling at the television.  It was embarrassing.  Not because everyone within earshot was looking our way and wondering why she was yelling, but because it appeared that this was a child that was accustomed to watching TV.

I never let Foxy watch television, not do I let the television watch her.  At least I didn’t think I did.  I guess all the time I spend watching television is affecting her.  And why wouldn’t it.  All the pretty colors and fast moving objects are a draw for any child.  I don’t care what is on the screen, she will turn her head to look.  Last night I was nursing her, and she actually turned away from my bosoms to see what was on tv.  I had to turn it off so she would finish eating!

I didn’t even think I was exposing her that much.  I make sure to bring her to her room every day for story time and exercise.  I hate to think of what it will be like once she is actually old enough to enjoy the programming.

At what age did you start letting your children watch television?  How do you make sure that they don’t watch too much?

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19 Responses to Turned Off

  1. Shea says:

    I had those delusions once too. Now mine watches TV almost every morning, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. That’s the only way I can get her to do tummy time. She was also mesmerized by Sesame Street at the doctor’s office, so if I can catch that, she’ll watch it too.

    At the moment, she can take it or leave it. The laptop is MUCH more her thing 😦

  2. Barrister says:

    LOL@ Foxy all posted up! Don’t worry about it, though. Like you said, it’s just the colors and sounds that have her mesmerized right now. You will make the best choices for her as she gets older regarding if she watches television and if so, what programming you find suitable.

  3. Ms. Smart says:

    I don’t have kids so I can’t answer the questions. I just wanna say Foxy straight up look like she’s following the entire storyline.

  4. Nerd Girl says:

    I swore no kid of mine would watch television. I must’ve been high. Except for the fact that I don’t get high.

    She LOVES television. I mean loves it. She’s memorized the entire Nick Jr schedule and tries to “plan” her weekend activities around her favorite shows. Whatever. Anyhow, I don’t worry about it too much – what she watches is educational and I make sure that she gets homework done, works on supplemental sheets, plays with her toys, and if it ever cools down, we’ll get outside a bit more than we have these last few months of hell. I mean summer.

  5. Sheena says:

    What exactly was she watching. She is propped up like she knows what she is doing!!!

    My son could care less about the TV when he was younger. He begin to actually sit till and watch about 2.5 years old. He won’t watch too much now, but will occasionally get into a Disney channel induced coma at times.

  6. CaliSlim says:

    Ha Ha! She’s just waiting for you to bring her a beer!

  7. krissy says:

    Princess j loves nickjr. She’s almost 11 months but the shows make her day. She dances and she claps. I don’t have a problem with her watching. She’s been into it since about 6 months. She loves the music and the characters. She also seems to like football lol. She points and bounces up and down.

    I think the key is not to let the tv be your babysitter. That’s when it becomes an issue.

  8. onefromphilly says:

    My sister turned my son into a movie feind around 1. She always bought VHS movies about kids and lost animals, animals crossing the country by themselves, animals saving the planet, for the two of them to enjoy. I never saw any harm in that because it was always balanced out with reading books, doing puzzles, playing games and outside playtime. I bought him the entire Barney and Veggie Tales series on VHS. He’s 19 now and still loves movies and violent or stupid cartoons. I have no idea if Barney started him down this road.

  9. MrsTDJ says:

    I agree with most others. I think some tv is fine. My little guy used to become so excited watching the Wonder Pets. Now, he’s into Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (and the songs from Dora). He’s almost 2 and he usually let him watch 2 episodes a day, a few more on the weekends. I like all the educational lessons and we incorporate things from the shows into daily activities and play time.

  10. AR Gal says:

    I visited one of my friends this weekend. HGTV was playing on the TV while we chatted. While holding him, I noticed that he was watching the screen intently. Vern Yip’s design game is strong!

  11. aunaptural says:

    I’ve no kids, but am loving all the comments from those who do. My dissertation research is on young children, television use, and vocabulary development. You have no idea how much the inner geek in me just perked up by reading this. 🙂

  12. 1969 says:

    My boys love TV. Especially since they don’t get to watch it (or play any video games) from Monday through Thursday. During the school week, we do homework, talk *gasp* or play games as a family or go outside and take a walk or play. Of course, they watch tv on Friday nights and the weekends.

    I don’t have a problem with kids watching tv as long as it’s age appropriate and not too much. There are great shows on Noggin and PBS Kids that are very educational.

  13. S23 says:

    I remember putting Tyler in front of the tv on a blanket to watch Barney while I was cooking one day. He did not move! When i discovered that he would sit still and I could get some other things done, that was a wrap. NOW….. He only has 4 channels on the tv in his room so he can’t watch anything inappropriate. That doesn’t stop him from watching stuff at other’s houses when I’m not there. i.e. those Jason movies. WTF? But if he finishes his homework, chores, etc. he can watch tv until we have somewhere to go or dinner time.

  14. pserendipity says:

    Aidan loves the Boomerang Channel. He honestly thinks he is “schoolin” me on Scooby Doo and the Flintstones. He has a few shows that he will actually sit and watch, but normally I think he just likes the background noise while he plays in his room. He is a STAN for Dancing With the Stars and watching football with his Daaaddy.

    I don’t mind how much he watches, but he knows that he has to do what he HAS to do before he does what he WANTS to do. And, no TV in the morning or after 8.

  15. Deljah says:

    My daughter began watching tv early on and then with lots of intention when her dad started her on the Your Baby Can Read program at 3 months. The program works!

    The tv is on almost all the time when we’re home so she get’s exposed to it a lot. But she only requests Super Why, which we watch on tv and online at PBS Kids. We watch online while I’m combing her hair. She’ll even pull the computer out herself, open it and try to turn it on! Otherwise, she likes Wheel of Fortune. I’m more for tv restriction than her dad is.

  16. naijamodel says:

    My mother didn’t let us watch a lot of TV. When she wanted to annoy us, she called it the “devil’s box”, lol!

    At Foxy’s age we probably didn’t watch TV at all. My parents weren’t watchers. When we were school-age kids, we were allowed 3 programs a week. A LOT of planning and negotiating went into those program choices! My father rented us movies he felt were appropriate (christian movies, kids musicals and documentaries) and we probably watched like 2 per weekend.

  17. ames says:

    I don’t let my son face the t.v. and if he turns toward it I turn him around. I put toys on the floor and we play and that keeps him entertained. So far he only seems interested in football and Cailou.
    I think my daughter was about 1.5 when she took an interest in television.
    She is entranced by Kipper, Cailou and Phineas and Ferb but she’ll choose the park over any of those shows.

    Without tv my 24 hour day has 50 hours in it.

  18. t. sheree says:

    OMG, she is straight chilling! Love the pic!

  19. laughing808 says:

    does she really have her hand on her belly? that is an awfully cute pic of her!

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