When Jenn wrote about her latest trip to Hawaii and the deliciousness that is plate lunch, I was reminded of an Atlanta eatery that serves just that.  I had been there a few years back and always said I’d eat there again, but it’s so far from my house that I haven’t been since.  Today, however, when I found myself in Decatur and with a rumble in my tummy I knew exactly what would fill it up.

Waikikie Hawaiian BBQ is located near Emory’s campus.  Foxy and I arrived to an empty dining room, but by the time we left it was pretty packed.

I had the plate lunch that consisted of BBQ beef and fried fish.  It also came with steamed rice, house salad and macaroni salad.  I’ve had plate lunch in Hawaii and I can honestly say this tasted just as good.  I pretty much wolfed it down.  It was tasty!  The fish was crisp and had a decent amount of seasoning.  The beef wasn’t too wet and had a few onions thrown in.  It was served on a bed of cabbage and I ate that too!

I wish Waikikie were a little closer to my house.  I can see that I’m gonna be jonesin for it.  Perhaps next week I’ll go to Stone Mountain for some exercise and then hit it up for lunch afterwards.  Yeah, that’s the ticket!

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7 Responses to Ono

  1. sundaze says:

    I work in the area and pass this place all the time but never even considered trying it. Now I’m tempted!

  2. K. Rock says:

    BBQ beef and fried fish sounds like everything I need in a lunch. I would never have considered the place. It’s not too far from me so I will definitely be checking it out. Thanks!

  3. creolepeach says:

    I’ve been there a couple of times for lunch. It’s pretty tasty. I get confused on what to order every time. There’s so much to choose from!!

  4. Jack says:

    They had the best mac salad!!

  5. Barista says:

    I’m always up for some Stone Mountain exercise if you ever want company.

  6. K. Rock says:

    I went yesterday! These pics made me want to try it. I really liked it, I got the bbq beef, short ribs, and chicken. It was yum. Thanks!

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