I Saw You…Walking in the Rain

All week long I had planned to hit up the Midtown Festival of the Arts.  So when mother nature decided to dump a week’s worth of rain on Sunday afternoon, I was determined not to let her stop me.  My partner in crime, Disco Diva, was up for the challenge, so we loaded up the sidekick and headed to the festival.

Thankfully, it wasn’t raining as hard in the city as it was in the ‘burbs.  At times the rain was almost light enough to go without the umbrella, but with Foxy in tow that was never an option.  I felt sorry for all the artists showing their wares.  The attendance was low and I am sure sales were even lower.  Honestly, I wasn’t in the market to buy anything, but I at least would have stopped to look.  No happs with the rain.

So I had one purpose and one purpose only.  EAT!  There were so many different restaurants with tents and I wanted to try them all!  No, we didn’t try them all.  We did try a couple before we came upon “Plates on Peachtree” which was a tented area with 14 different restaurants sampling their food.  Normally, admission was $40, but we got in for the low-low rate of $20.  That is a steal considering how much food we got to try.

I tried so many dishes that I simply could not take pics of everything, but I did take a couple.  My highlights of the day were the lobster corndogs, woodfired pizza and banana puddin pop that had bananas and wafers in it.  Good eats!

Foxy had a great time as well.  She loves to get out of the house and look at people and things.  She was super alert until the very end.  Then she laid her head on momma’s bosom and was knocked out!

I’m all about the festival, and it appears it’s festival season in Atlanta, so plan on me writing about a couple more before the season is over.

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3 Responses to I Saw You…Walking in the Rain

  1. Shea says:

    I so wanted to go down there yesterday, but since I went out the night before, it just wasn’t going to happen. We haven’t been able to attend any festivals/events this summer because it was too hot. The first one where it’s not hot, it rains 😦

    I love your sling. I still have my pouch carrier, but it’s definitely time to upgrade. I can’t believe I haven’t tried that carry yet.

  2. CreolePeach says:

    Lobster corndog? That sounds divine.

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