She’s Long and Strong

Last Friday I picked Foxy up from daycare to find her looking like a modern day hobo.  I asked whaty she was wearing and was informed that she had spit up quite a bit  so they had changed her clothes.  I recognized the ugly-ass romper she was wearing, but I wasn’t prepared for it to look so small on her.  It was given to her almost two months ago, and she had never worn it. 

I felt so bad that my baby spent the day looking like Red Skeleton!  I scooped her up and we went directly to the store to get her some more appropriate “back up” clothes.  Once we got home I went through all of her clothes that still had the tags on them.  One by one I selected which ones were ready to be worn.

Thankfully, I had started buying things on clearance late last year.  Also, Foxy received several outfits from various people over the last few months.  I was so glad to have a selection of fall clothes for her so she didn’t have to go to daycare in a onesie and some socks.

Baby girl has also moved to the next size in diapers.  I can’t believe how fast she was growing.  It seems like just yesterday she was this tiny little bit, and now she is wearing size 2 diapers and six month clothes!

I can’t wait until her doctor’s appointment next week so I can find out how much she weighs.

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One Response to She’s Long and Strong

  1. Christina says:

    Those growth spurts are no.joke!

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