Must Be the Booty

For the better part of the last year, I was a dumpy, frumpy pregnant chick.  I wore payless flats and the same 4 pair of pants every week.  No man paid me any attention except to hold the door for me or get out of my way in the food line.  Now that I’m back in regular pants and heels I have definitely noticed the appreciative glances from the opposite sex.  Doors are still being held for me and they are being coupled with chit chat.  I have to be perfectly honest and tell you the whole thing repulses me.  Male attention is the absolute furthest thing from my mind.

Recently I ran into a guy I know who hadn’t seen me in a few months.  I swear in a 30 second conversation he must have told me I looked good 3 times.  He even asked if I had lost weight.  No dude.  I haven’t lost weight.  It’s just that my boobs are bigger from BREASTFEEDING and it makes my waist look smaller!  As a matter of fact I’ve gained weight.  About 15 pounds to be exact.  And her name is Foxy.

Today as I was leaving the grocery store, some random was trying to strike up a conversation as I made my way to the car.  I just looked at him like he had three heads and shut the door in his face.

Most of you know me best from my dating days and probably find it odd that I wouldn’t be open to the shenanigans of dating, but I just had another man’s baby.  What would I look like trying to date?  My priorities are straight.  I can’t even see myself thinking about dating for a couple of years. 

Have you ever had a food that disgusted you and made you not want to try it again?  That’s pretty much how I am feeling.  I’ve been left with a bad taste in my mouth and it will be a while before I am even remotely hungry enough to want to try it again.

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10 Responses to Must Be the Booty

  1. Shea says:

    I know EXACTLY what you mean. While I like the attention, always have and will, I’m not interested in much else. Besides, my BS meter is on point now. Curses to hindsight! Curses I say.

  2. dmac says:

    I remember feeling a similar sort of way, even while I was pregnant. I wonder if there is a sort of “man get away from me” hormone or something that the body produces after you have a baby?

  3. AR Gal says:

    “Male attention is the absolute furthest thing from my mind.”

    Yeah but they don’t know that though. LOL Men will be men regardless.

  4. Krissy says:

    I’ve been dating the same wonderful man since before I even knew princess was baking in my tummy. He was with me through my pregnancy and he’s still with me now. Other mans baby and all lol. He’s not her sperm donor but he is her daddy. He’s a rare type of man. But, if I wasn’t with him I would be single right now. I wouldn’t be up for introducing my little girl to different men. I always smh@ women who do that. Very confusing for the child.

  5. ames says:

    I think dmac is right. There is some hormone.

    I had a sorority meeting and went to Walmart afterwards. I forgot that I was wearing tight jeans. Men started following me around. I was disgusted. I will admit a man who shops at Walmart would turn me off anyway.

    I was upset and feeling like they should know I had a husband and two kids at home. Like, how dare you!

  6. CaliSlim says:

    Damn, no need to shut the door in his face!

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