All my life I’ve watched television shows and movies depicting mothers gently rocking their babies to sleep.  Hushed words of love and affection usually calm a child to sleep.  When that doesn’t work the mother often begins singing a lullaby.

Hush little baby, don’t say a word…

Recently, Foxy has had a couple of evenings where she was overtired and just wouldn’t drift off to sleep.  She was fighting it.  Crying and lashing out.  I tried holding her and shushing her and telling her it was okay to go to sleep.  That didn’t work.  Perhaps a song would soothe her.

Hush little baby, don’t say a word…

Except I only know about four lines of that song.  Foxy needed more than one verse to soothe her.  Quickly I tried to think of another lullaby.  None came to mind.

Then I tried to think of a soft song to sing, and I could think of only one.  Thankfully I know all the words to this song.  It worked like magic on two separate occasions.  Looks like Foxy is a fan of Shai!

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14 Responses to Comforter

  1. MrsTDJ says:

    Whatever works! *lol* My husband usually raps Jay-Z lyrics softly, humming in place of curse words and the n word. *smh*

  2. pserendipity says:

    Doesn’t TV just give you all kinds of false hope? I didn’t know any lullabys, so I made one up that can go on and on and on…

    “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy loves her Aidan. Aidan, Aidan, won’t you go to sleep?”

    Use Daddy, Granny, whoever else… He STILL loves for me to sing that to him. 🙂

  3. K. Rock says:

    What baby doesn’t love 90’s jams?

  4. Nerd Girl says:

    I sang Bob Marley to Lovegirl. And sometimes Snoop Dogg. “1, 2, 3, and to the 4…” makes a beautiful lullaby

  5. Shea says:

    For mine it’s the whistle song in the beginning of Kill Bill.

  6. CC says:

    So Foxy’s diggin old school. Can Shai be considered old school now? They did come out almost 20 years ago.

  7. JennBMe says:

    My son would scream in the car seat when he was a baby…I would turn on Tupac or James Brown and he would go right to sleep.

  8. Tiombe25 says:

    I know all the words to that long too!!!! LOL I used to just sing “you are my sunshine” over and over … and over again!

  9. ames says:

    When I finally got the words to rock a bye baby, I realized the song is traumatizing.

    I think babies like the vibration they feel when you sing to them.

  10. AR Gal says:

    Y’all are killing me with these new age lullaby songs. LOL

  11. amyg says:

    LOL 🙂

  12. jamie says:

    my son was always partial to blizkreig bop by the ramones and was usually out like a light before the third set of hey ho let’s go’s

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