You are married.  You have an infant.  You are nursing.

Your husband wants to nurse too.  Not in the “I’m curious and want to taste it” kinda way.  More like the “Save the Left breast for me” kinda way.  He wants to nurse regularly.

What do you do?

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19 Responses to Scenario

  1. Shea says:

    Me knee-jerk reaction is ewww. Does he have to have it from the tap? Or could the milk be expressed? I can’t wrap my mind around a full grown man being latched on.

    Since I’m not in this situation, I can’t answer truthfully. I’ve learned not to say what I would or wouldn’t do until I’m in those shoes.

    But for right now, EWWW!

  2. CC says:

    He would have to fall back. He would be stealing “food” from the baby’s mouth…literally.

  3. onefromphilly says:

    I have accepted the fact that men are just weird. I probably wouldn’t even flinch at this odd request. Breast milk does not taste good IMO. So he probably wouldn’t want it twice.

  4. Mick says:

    I always have some sort of comment, but I think that I would be speechless. Then after he was done, I would ask how often he plans on ahem nursing.


  5. Gladys says:

    Stop it! Seriously??? Dead.

  6. Cyn says:

    My uncle proudly tells the story of how he would be on one breast while my baby cousin was on the other. I think he’s joking, but there is some truth in there somewhere.

  7. I am not comenting on what 2 married folks do in the privacy of their own bedrooms. It’s quite odd but people do weird ass shit.

  8. AR Gal says:

    *waits on the next post*

  9. dmac says:

    buy him a carton of vanilla soy milk. I’ll get saggy for my baby, but not for a grown azzd man. I ain’t his mama.

  10. amyg says:

    I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.

  11. Deljah says:

    I might let him taste some expressed milk, once, but never directly from the tap. *TMI Alert* When I was nursing my daughter, I could not “multi-task” at all with the boobies. My daughter nursed for 8 months, and my husband could not touch them AT ALL for the whole 8 months and a good 2 plus months after. In my mind, the purpose had to be exclusive at all times, lol.

  12. ames says:

    I would pretend I didn’t hear him.

  13. Barista says:

    Maaaaan. I’m all about people doing what they like and all, but ICK! I don’t think I’d ever look at him the same again.

  14. jamie says:

    shades of the “the grapes of wrath”.
    some men and even some women have this fetish. I am not one of them but have too much trouble worrying about goes on in my bedroom to care what goes on in someone elses. consenting adults and all.

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