Busy Busy Busy

I only have a couple of minutes but I thought I’d pop in while my large print job prints.  Today is a crazy busy day.  I only have about 4 days like this one per year and this is the second to last one of the year.

I’ve been up since half past five.  Today was baby’s xray on her hips.  Except it wasn’t an xray, it was an ultrasound.  This is loads better as it doesn’t involve getting her to lie perfectly still on a bed of cold metal.

Tim and I met at the hospital bright and early.  I have to say, those folks at Scot.tish Rite are all about the kids.  I really like them.  Foxy did great during her ultrasound and didn’t make a peep.  In the end the technician said everything looks good, but we would be hearing from her doctor in a day or two.

Now I am at work and I have a crapload of stuff to get accomplished.  I am out the remainder of the week for a class I am taking, so it all must get done today.  And you know I’m still leaving at 430, right?  Right!

So let me get to it.  You guys have a terrific Tuesday!

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One Response to Busy Busy Busy

  1. AR Gal says:

    You too! I hope all is well with Miss Foxy!

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