Just Like Dad

It’s no secret that Foxy resembles her dad greatly.  When she was in the womb, I used to worry that she would look like him.  That’s not to say that I thought he was unattractive, I just didn’t think he would translate very well into a girl.  Thankfully, I couldn’t be more wrong.  She has her daddy’s round head, cleft chin and “snack” cheeks and she couldn’t be more beautiful.

This weekend I was talking to my dad when I looked down at his hands and was taken aback.  I totally have his hands.  I never knew that.  Sure I always knew that I looked like my dad in the face, but to see we shared that feature really surprised me.  Our hands and nails are the same shape and color and we both are very veiny.  My hands look like the smaller version of his.  I thought that was kinda cool.

I know a lot of girls that look like their dad and it has me wondering if it is more common for a girl to resemble her father over her mother.  I wonder if I had a son would he look like me?

Who do you look like?

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35 Responses to Just Like Dad

  1. monicamonique says:

    I look like my dad and my sister looks exactly like our mother.
    We have different dads.

  2. sherri says:

    When I was little, people thought I looked just like my Dad. Now they say I resemble my mom. LOL

  3. fornot says:

    I am a carbon copy of my father, as is my brother.

    However, one of my sisters looks like my dad while my othe rone looks like my mother. They are both gorgeous and based on the number of ninjas that sniffed around through the years, both looks translated well for them.

  4. Mia says:

    I look like my mother. The older I get the more I look like her. People say my brother looks just like my father, but I actually think he looks just like my mother. My sister looks more like my father, but she also looks like my mother.

  5. amista says:

    I think I look more like my mother than my father, but when I look at pictures of my paternal grandmother I see that I also have some of her features.

    It’s funny the way my kids have turned out. Our oldest daughter looks just like my husband, while our son is a mini-me. Our youngest – a girl – looked a lot like our older daughter when she was born, so we thought she’d favor my husband more, but as she gets older I’m seeing some of my facial features. I guess time will tell.

  6. missmajestic says:

    I look like my dad, which the nurse exclaimed in the delivery room before my mother could even get a good look. Like his feet, my second toe is longer than my first…my mother prayed I would not have feet like him when I she was pregnant. When I was a kid, my dentist told me I had teeth like him. My mom tells everyone she got literally got nothing on me, but everyone says we walk alike, talk alike, we generally have the same mannerisms so with that and similar hairstyles it makes me and mom look alike. I look at her and see what I’ll look like if I keep gaining weight!

  7. I am literally my father’s twin. People used to always ask my mom “are you sure you had any part in this?” LOL. My brother looks just like my mom whereas the only thing of hers I seemed to inherit was eyecolor and texture of hair. My daughter (to everyone else) looks just like me, and I think she looks like her father. My son though favors me.

  8. CaliSlim says:

    I am my mother’s twin. I get my soup coolers from my dad though, and my jacked up brows! 😆

  9. keyalus says:

    I look like a female version of my father. I’ve had more than one person who knows him comment on just how much we favor.

    My son looks nothing like me (as you know!). I think it is just total luck of the genetic draw as far as looks with no regard for gender.

  10. Nerd Girl says:

    People say I look like my Dad because we’re the same color, but I don’t really look like either one of my parents. I’ve got two brothers that look like my Dad and one that looks like my Mom.

    It’s about to get nerdy in here…science has shown that most babies look like their fathers for the first few months of life to “prove” to the father that the child is his and foster feelings of love and protection. That certainly was the case with Lovegirl. She looked just like my husband when she was a baby. Now she’s a mix of both of us.

  11. I am a honey colored version of my Hershey’s chocolate father. I have my mother’s behind and hands. Everything else is my paw. I even walk like him.

  12. Gladys says:

    Everyone says I resemble my mother; however, she says I’m the spitting image of my dad. I look more like his sisters than I do anyone on my mom’s side.

  13. AR Gal says:

    I’m the offspring that received an equal mixture of both parents.

  14. brannon says:

    I get my height and great legs from my Dad.

    My beauty comes from my Mum.

  15. CreolePeach says:

    I look more like my mother and have my father’s personality.

  16. Clu says:

    I do look like my Father. I have his chin (which I loathe). I do have my Grandmother’s nose (which I am sooo grateful for)…Father’s nose would NOT have translated well to my face. My Mother’s lips. I make the same face when I am confused as he does. I’m a jumbled mess 🙂

  17. sundaze says:

    I favor my mom, my sister favors our dad. My dad had two girls from a previous relationship when he met my mom and one of them looks like him and the other like her mother. The two sisters that look like him resemble each other more than the sister they share both parents with.

  18. V Renee says:

    When I was younger, I looked just like my dad. As I get older, I look more like a combination. Therefore, depending on who I’m standing next to, is who I look like.

  19. krissy says:

    I would say I look more like my mom. But I really look more like her side of the Family. My cousins and I all look alike.

    Jasmine looks like me! Like she’s my twin. Only thing she took from sperm donor are her ears and her crappy sleeping habits.

  20. Dark&Lovely says:

    I look like both my parents. In some pictures of my mom when she was younger, I think I look exactly like her, just lighter.

    oh lawd…if I have a girl, she can’t favor her dad, she just can’t!! He really doesn’t translate into a very attractive girl. I’ll probably go to hell for saying this, but his sister isn’t very cute and sometimes i think she looks like him on a bad day with a wig on.

  21. 1969 says:

    I look more like my mom but have the personality, walk and nose of my daddy.

  22. busybodyk says:

    I look like both my parents. I’m almost the exact color combination of what you would get if you mixed them too. I have my dad’s round head, forehead, dimples, good teeth and eyes. I have my mom’s nose, hands and feet.

  23. ondrea says:

    I look like my father, my son looks like me and my daughter looks like her dad. So, you are probably right (daughters=dad; sons=mom).

  24. t. sheree says:

    I used to think I looked exactly like my dad…but my little sister looks exactly like him, and now I know that I was wrong, lol.

    I think I am an even mixture of my parents, from facial features, facial expressions, hair, body, complexion, etc (although I have a lot of my mom’s mannerisms which make ppl think I look just like her). Whenever I am with one or the other, people say I look exactly like that parent. But when I’m with both, I think it becomes clearer that I’m a mix.

  25. S23 says:

    I look like my dad’s sisters. Tyler looks nothing like his dad & looks like me. He even has the same toes. It’s kind of weird to put our baby photos together b/c they look the same.

  26. Sheena says:

    I am the light version of my mom, only tall and slim like my dad

  27. MrsTDJ says:

    I’m like AR Gal – a perfect combo of both my parents. And, I think my son is the same.

  28. Growing up, people use to say I look like my dad. But over the years, they say I look like my mom. I have to agree.

    My son has a good make-up of both his dad and I. When he was younger, if it was only the two of us, people would comment how much he looks like me. If it was just him and his dad, people would comment how much he looks like his dad. If all three of us are together, people would comment that he looks like both of us. As he is growing up, I am seeing more and more of his dad when I look at him.

  29. I look just like my biological father. However since he has been mostly absent in my life, most of my friends and family haven’t seen him in years so they only see where I have some of my mom’s features, but when he shows up at weddings and funerals, etc people take notice. I remember being in a grocery store checkout line with my Mom, I was around age 7 or so. This lady at the register, who my mother did not know, took one look at me and asked my Mom, is her father’s name _____(very unique last name) ? LOL

  30. Blu says:

    I look like my dad and my brother looks like our mom. I’ve always found that girls tend to favor their fathers and boys their mothers.

  31. Honest says:

    I look like my parents had a baby and made me. lol! People say I look like my dad but I think that’s because we’re the same complexion. I honestly think I’m a mixture of both of my parents.

  32. Disco Diva says:

    I have my mother and grandmothers hands. It is cool. I don’t know who i look like…but everyone knows I am a T*** when I am home.

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