Thankful: Day 3

I was reluctant to go to the birthday party.  Of course I wanted to see the Offspring and I wanted to give the birthday boy his present, but I wasn’t in the mood for any uncomfortable feelings in any capacity.  So I put my feelings aside and decided to go for the children.  When we first arrived I scanned the room and based on how some of the attendees were dressed, thought I was at Club Alizé.  Painted on jeans and five inch hooker heels hardly seemed appropriate for a children’s party, but I quickly spotted the boys and TBL’s parents so I knew I was in the right place.

The party was at a local pizza joint that I had alerted TBL to a couple of weeks ago.  I saw that they did kids parties and knew it would be perfect for one of the boys.  The kids got to make their own pizzas.  How fun is that?  I had some other ideas for making it a fun occasion, but TBL’s girlfriend (and her friend) had clearly taken over.  Guess I have to get used to that, huh?

There were balloons, pin the tail on the donkey and a game which could only be described as “throw the beanbag into the bucket.”  Tiny and Toya even wore matching homemade t-shirts with the birthday boy’s name and age emblazoned on them.  Who knew they still made puffy paint?

*blank face*

The boy loved his present from me and Foxy.  We got him a really cool motorcycle that lights up and makes all kinds of noises.  He liked it so much he carried it around even after he opened all of his other presents.  He even had it later that day when we went to his big brother’s football game.  I know what my sweet boy likes!

I am so thankful that I made the decision to go.  Not only did I walk away with a week’s worth of laughs, but I got to spend time with my favorite boys.

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23 Responses to Thankful: Day 3

  1. Shea says:

    “Tiny and Toya even wore matching homemade t-shirts…”

    Now that’s how you throw shade, LOL. Anyway, good for you for being the bigger person.

  2. CaliSlim says:

    *hollering at ‘Tiny and Toya’!!!!!* 😆 😆 😆

    Glad you went and that all went well.

    You’re still soooooo fired though!!! 😆

  3. Heartdrops says:

    “Tiny and Toya even wore matching homemade t-shirts…”
    ///////////______ *DEAD* LOL!!

  4. sundaze says:

    LMAO @ “Tiny and Toya”!!!!!

    Glad you went and had a good time. Love that you and Foxy are dressed alike. She’s your mini-me!

  5. V Renee says:

    “Tiny and Toya even wore matching homemade t-shirts ”

    BWHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! Hilarious! That laugh is much appreciated.

    I’m glad you went too. To quote another ATLien aka Khandi – Sometimes you gotta ♪ Fly above the drama ♪ *snickering*

  6. You missed your calling! You should have been a comedian! LOL!!

    I am really proud of you. You are such a class act. I know it was extremely difficult for you to put yourself in that situation and you pulled it off with grace and humor.

  7. Gladys says:

    No you did not call them Tiny and Toya! Hollering!

    It would have been hard for me to go, but I think you made the best decision for Cameron. Glad all was civil.

  8. S23 says:

    Love Foxy’s outfit. That’s what I hate about not having a daughter. I can’t dress anybody up. LOL. But I totally would not have gone to that party. I would have sent a gift for the birthday boy and kept it moving. Anything else just seems uncomfy and I’m not trying to be any plce I’m not wanted or welcomed.

  9. keyalus says:

    Puffy paint? iCan’t!

  10. CreolePeach says:

    Puffy paint? Shirts with his name and age? WTF? *confused*

  11. Micki says:

    Good for you!!

    Homegirl is awfully thirsty. Her throat must be desert dry. No way on earth would I wear a puffy paint shirt with my boyfriend’s child’s name on it. Her friend must be even more thirsty, ’cause I shole wouldn’t wear a puffy paint t-shirt with my friend’s boyfriend’s child’s name on it.

    Did he have on a puffy shirt? o_O

  12. Krissy says:

    His boys are very handsome little guys. Overall you look like you had a good time.

  13. Miss Ali D says:

    Puffy paint on matching shirts on “grown women” in 2010…. That really made me holler! Babs, kudos to you for going to the party.

  14. CC says:

    Hooker heels and YJs (yeast jeans)…at a child’s birthday party? Yuck!

  15. onefromphilly says:

    Tiny and Toya (giggles) won’t be around for long, trust. So for that I’ll be thankful that you and Foxy will not have to be exposed to that.

    Matching puffy paint shirts….. *****blink..blink..blank stare*****

  16. Good for you. So glad that the children are getting time to bond. That takes maturity & not a lot of people have it. Putting your feelings aside is not easy to do. Glad you ended up feeling good about your decision and the experience despite everything.

  17. amyg says:

    TOO FUNNY!! I wish I could have seen the look on your face when you walked in 🙂

  18. Ms. Smart says:

    You’re setting a great example for Foxy and the boys. Grown ups ‘act’ grown up in situations like this.

    Wait! Hold up! Puffy paint? Without pictures to prove it, I’m going to choose to believe you made this up. I refuse to believe! Nope. Naw. Stop tryna play me!

  19. SimplyB says:

    LOL!!! I agree with everyone about Tiny and Toya. I’m glad you went the boys look so happy.

    I am thankful that I didn’t have to wake up early to go to work today. The extra hour of sleep really helped.

    I am thankful for my coworker and babysitter who cooked for me when I came over. I haven’t had to cook dinner is 2 days!

  20. You are a class act and a superb comedianne!

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