Thankful: Day 14

I used to be a party girl.  A serious one.  I’m not talking about dinner with friends that included a couple of drinks.  I’m talking about getting all dolled up and hitting the club.  Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.  Every weekend.

This was mostly during the first year after my divorce.  An obvious symptom of depression.  But I was young(ish) so who cares.  A girl has a right to party.

The problem was that during that time I was a drinker and a driver.  And if you know me you know I drink a lot.  There were so many nights when I had absolutely no business on the road.  None whatsoever.  I can remember coming out the next day, on more than one occasion, and seeing I had left my car unlocked or my ID and money on the front seat, or both.  I have woken up with bags of food next to me with no recollection of stopping at a drive thru.  Thankfully, I have never woken up next to someone I didn’t know.

After all those crazy nights, I am so thankful to be able to say that I have never been pulled over, caused an accident or ended up in jail.  I don’t say this boastfully, but I am so thankful that is the case.  I could have easily been that person calling my momma from jail to bail me out or standing on the side of the road doing a sobriety test.

This morning at church, the minister encouraged us to share something this week that the Lord has done for us.  I had already been planning to talk about this, so today seemed like a perfect day.

I am so thankful for grace and mercy when I surely did not deserve it.

What are you thankful for today?

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12 Responses to Thankful: Day 14

  1. Blu says:

    I was just praying about this the other day. There were plenty of times (not too long ago) where my drunk behind should not have been behind the wheel and I didn’t even remember getting home. But God’s grace and mercy surely kept me. Shoot, the last time I did that, I pulled over in a parking lot to sleep because I knew I was too inebriated. When I woke up, I discovered it was a church parking lot. That was my wake up call. So, like you Babs, I am thankful for all that He’s done/doing for me when I don’t deserve a doggone thing.

  2. Shea says:

    I could have written this blog myself. For that, I’m piggybacking this daily thanks with yours.

  3. SimplyB says:

    I too am thankful for his grace and mercy. He removed me from a dangerous situation I had gotten myself into a few years ago. I will NEVER turn back.

  4. MrsTDJ says:

    Unfortunately, I could also have written this post referring to my third year in college. I too am thankful that he saw fit to protect me from myself.

  5. Tsiporah says:

    The Lord knows He has blessed my raggedy heathen azz tremendously. I’m always so thankful and amazed by His grace.

  6. onefromphilly says:

    I’ll just 2nd, 3rd and 4th what everybody already said. I’m blessed to have reached this age, and everyday thankful for a merciful God.

  7. Jack says:

    I am thankful that the surprise party we threw my mom this weekend was a complete success and she was surrounded by family and good friends from all over the U.S.!!!

  8. Like Shea I could have written this too post too & it hit me square in the face. For a long time for me, divorce + depression= drinking and it was a vicious cycle that took me a minute to break. He has given so much more than I could ever deserve and I thank Him continually for saving me from myself.

  9. cbean says:

    Girl, we are not even going to talk about how many times I have been guilty. That is why I went cold turkey for about 15 years after watching a New Years Day Drunk Driving episode of Oprah. Yeah, that was quite sobering. My last episode of “knowing better” was in Miami. Need I say more.

    Today I am thankful my boyfriend is finally out of the hospital, after three weeks, he was in danger of going back into ICU after I punched him in the throat with his cranky azz.

  10. Icey1273 says:

    I say that all the time! I am also thankful for grace and mercy…God loving me in spite of me!

  11. ames says:

    All the people you never hit are also fortunate that you were under grace and mercy. I am thankful for that.

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