Thankful: Day 23

As I write this I am sitting under the dryer.  No, I am not posted up in some fancy salon or at my dominican homies.  I am at home.  In my bedroom.  My dryer sits on the nightstand, I am seated in a folding chair and my foot are propped up on my nursing stool.

Sidebar: I have never once used this nursing stool to nurse.  Not once.  Biggest waste of baby registry space.

Ok back to my hair…I always do my hair.  It’s faster and cheaper than paying someone to do it for me.  The only time I pay someone to touch my hair is when I get it trimmed, and even then I only spend 15 bucks twice a year.  Now that I am sporting bangs, I might have to go four times a year.  $120 a year on hair?  For a black woman? Not bad, huh?

I have been doing my own hair since I was a youth.  Growing up in an all white town, we didn’t have a lot of options for getting our hair done.  We had to learn to do it ourselves.  So picture a 10 year old Babs giving herself her own relaxer.  Sure my hair might could look better, but I think it looks pretty good for maintaining it on my own.

Today I am thankful for the ability to do my own hair which saves me loads of time and money.  Both of which are pretty scarce these days.

What are you thankful for?

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7 Responses to Thankful: Day 23

  1. Jack says:

    I’m am thankful for Theraflu & Emergen-C getting me through my day!

  2. AR Gal says:

    I’m still thankful for Mylanta and Immodium A-D!!

  3. Tiombe25 says:

    I am thankful for the Dominican salons… I can not do my own hair ( I know, FOR SHAME!!!).

  4. Cyn says:

    I am thankful for amazing co-workers and supervisors!!

    I wish I could do my own hair. I never really learned and now I am trying but I have extremely thick coarse hair.

  5. onefromphilly says:

    Im thankful that I have locs. Wash and wear hair. (well almost)

  6. Disco Diva says:

    I am thankful that Yashi came home semi-timely this morning. I always stroke out when he runs off…but I get so happy when he comes back!

  7. S23 says:

    I am thankful for butterflies!

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