When you are picking your child up from daycare and their diaper needs to be changed, do you change it or do you expect one of the workers to?

Do you think onesies are “outfits”?

At what age do you think it is appropriate to start spanking a child, if at all?

Would you send your child to a daycare/school where the teacher was “ghetto” even though the school was structured and accredited?

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8 Responses to Questions

  1. keyalus says:

    1. I personally make sure my baby arrives at daycare clean & dry and would love the same courtesy. I know pickup time is very hectic at daycare though. I would just change the diaper myself at home. If this was a consistent problem, I might ask them to check the diaper before I arrived.

    2. No. Lewis wears onesies around the house or to bed in the summertime. He gets too hot otherwise.

    3. I don’t know yet. I am not anti-spanking but I don’t believe it is effective for all children. Discipline has been on my mind since at almost 15 months Lewis will actively disobey me with a smile on his face. I don’t think he needs to be spanked though.

    4. That is a tough one and it depends on the age of the child. Newborns and little ones need love and attention and anyone can provide that. I’m not too worried about them picking up on poor grammar at that age. If we are talking pre-K age though, I would be more concerned about the education level of the teachers.

  2. sherri says:

    1) If it were a poopy diaper and it happened while I was in the room, I would change it. If it were just wet, no biggie unlesss it were soaking wet. The day care I went to changed everyone on a schedule (2 hours) unless they noticed it was poopy. If my kid was soiled when I walked in and I noticed, I would mention it. If it happened consistently, I would have a problem.

    2) Onesies are not outfits.

    3) I’m really trying not to spank, but I have swatted a butt a few times. Probably around 2pm.
    4) I saw this in the best of areas and the “schools”. I also saw a few traileresque folks. Prehaps you can avoid this if the demographic of your area completly excludes them or the price is high enough.

  3. Shea says:

    I would go ahead and change the diaper, but I would ask them when’s the last time it was changed. I’d hate for my child to have sat in a soiled diaper for too long. That would piss me waaaay off.

    I consider onesies outfits only in the summer and only for infants. Like, if it were still warm enough for onesies, I wouldn’t let my 7 month old wear them outside the house without bottoms. But, then again she’s bigger than some one year olds.

    When they’re old enough to realize what they’ve done is wrong, then a light spanking can be administered.

    Even though there was a ghetto teacher, I would still send my child to the structured/accredited school. It would be up to me, the parent, to guide my child in acceptable behavior and make corrections when needed.

  4. Nerd Girl says:

    1. My sitter always changed diapers right before pick up time. To answer your question though, I’d change it.

    2. Around the house when it is warm. Not to go out in.

    3. I gave Lovegirl her first “real” spanking (3 swats to the bottom) when she was 3. I did tap her hand and say no-no when she was younger – can’t remember the age – maybe around 1?

    4. Not if it were her teacher, nope. I think they pick up on speech patterns early and it was very important to me that anyone who took care of my child spoke properly. Lovegirl started talking when she was 10 months and some of her phrasings were exact replicas of her caregiver’s.

  5. kim says:

    I would change it.
    In the summer and spring and it looks like an outfit.
    As a mother of 4 with 5 yrs between them I found that a spanking is not always needed. Depends on the child and situation. My youngest is so upset with herself that I don’t have to do anything.She’s already tortured herself.

  6. Deljah says:

    My daycare ensure the kids are clean/dry when they are picked up. They will change the diaper right then if needed.

    Onesies can be casual outfits for small infants in warm weather. Beyond that, no.

    Spanking depends on the child. We tap our 2 year olds hands and maybe leg sometimes now. My mom strongly advocates spanking now. I’ve had to shut that convo down. In fact, I don’t ask her for parenting advice at all. oh well.

    I’m not very concerned about teachers until a little older age.

  7. ames says:

    1. I expect a clean diaper when I take possession of my kid.

    2. Onesies cover the top and the bottom so its an outfit. I would not expect to see a baby over 6 months out in one. I love baby legs and feet so I like onesies on small babies.

    3. The child should be able to understand no, understand why you are telling them no and willfully ignore the parent. Whatever age that occurs.

    4. If I liked and trusted the ghetto person and my kid liked them, I would send the child. If I did daycare I’d prefer a ghetto family style center. Most of the ghetto people I know luuuuv the kiddies. Most of the ghetto people I know are pretty smart and the ones who go beyond the hood are diligent so I want that.

    I am totally surprised by your responses!

  8. krissy says:

    They usually change her if she’s needs it before we leave. But I don’t EXPECT them to do it.

    A onesie is a onesie, its not an outfit. But they are nice to lounge and sleep in.

    Swatting all depends on the child in my opinion. If you have a child who understands swatting every now and again is appropriate. Jasmine gets swats when she isn’t listening to me or if she’s getting out of hand with her tantrums which she has been lately. Throwing things and hitting people and tossing herself on the floor. All of that is unacceptable and has to be nipped in the bud right now.

    Depends on what you consider “ghetto”. Jasmines daycare teacher grew up in the “hood” and has a couple of ghetto tendencies however, she’s a very nice woman and loves my baby and takes excellent care of her. So I can’t judge as long as my baby is well taken care of, and she is.

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