How much is your monthly gym membership fee?


Christmas tree: real or fake?


What do you call the pe.nis and when talking to your children?


When was the last time you bought yourself new underwear?


What is one movie you’ve seen recently that you recommend?

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25 Responses to Questions

  1. Jack says:

    penis or vagina
    2 months ago
    Harry Potter or Red

  2. Nerd Girl says:

    Vagina. We’ve not yet broached penises, but when we do – penis.
    October maybe
    I can’t do nothing for you man. I’m not a big movie watcher.

  3. Krissy says:

    walking is free. I don’t do the gym lol

    Real tree for me and Jas

    well we have kiddy names for those parts for now. The boy part is a “po-po” and the girl part is a “boom-Boom”

    I got the 7 for $25 panties at Vicky’s about 2 months ago.


  4. Rehab says:

    Real (altho Ol Boy has a fake one that has been thrust upon me)
    P/enis V/agina
    right before my wedding

  5. mzinspiredmind says:

    $20 gym membership

    Fake Christmas tree

    Penis and vagina

    Last month

    I’m behind on my movies so I’m sure ones that I’m just now seeing you’ve seen already

  6. AR Gal says:

    Don’t have one



    About a month ago

    I can’t even remember. I can however tell you the last movie we saw that I do NOT recommend. Skyline…..STOOOOOOOOOOOOPID!

  7. ames says:

    ~$99 for me, $90 for my daughter, $70 for my son, free for hubby. He works out while coaching,

    Real- I love the scent

    Hmmmm- girl parts, boy parts, and I call his testicles “the boys”.

    Past Summer

    Princess and the Frog. I watch it at least once or twice a week.

  8. Sheena says:

    $0. No gym membership for me.

    Real. Just big enough for me and the kid.

    He calls his a “peter-man and balls”. No certain name for girl parts.

    Last month

    Eat, Pray, Love…very good movie!

  9. No tree but we decorated the mantel and hung a wreath on the door. I will text you a pic.

    We went to see Due Date a few weeks ago and it was HILARIOUS. Totally fun and mindless entertainment.

  10. Disco Diva says:

    $14! Love it!
    Fake…I HATE doing the lights and the fake ones have the lights already.
    N/A…but I am sure I would use kiddy names
    Labor Day
    Burlesque! Singing and dancing. Its much better than Showgirls (and I liked Showgirls)

  11. Mrs. AKAtude says:

    It was $74 at the YMCA, just cancelled that joint since my husband wasn’t going! Planet Fitness I’m coming back, $10 a month, no contract

    Neither, I hang wreaths only because we are in a subdiv and that seemed to be the norm outside of the garage with the neighbors

    Lord, I haven’t had to have this talk, hmm I’ll have to think on that when the time comes

    When was the last time you bought yourself new underwear?

    November, had a gift card for Gap

    Due Date, hella funny and Unstoppable, I was on the edge of my seat

  12. CaliSlim says:


    Real, now and forever!!!!


    Hmm…good question!


  13. MrsTDJ says:

    Fake, but I prefer real.
    He’s almost two and I’ve always said
    A few weeks ago.
    Nothing. Have only been to the theatre once in the last year.

  14. jamie says:

    no tree
    P/enis and V/agina (kids are 18 and 22)
    don’t wear any
    “The Road” great movie, but bleak, oh so bleak

  15. Tsiporah says:

    $31 includes membership to all locations and personal training.
    N/A and
    Over the summer
    “Inception” Excellent film.

  16. keyalus says:

    $70 for joint membership at Big Box gym. $75 for CrossFit gym membership.

    Real in the family room. Fake in the “picture” window.

    I think I’ll use the real names.

    Last month. It was time for new socks and undies!

    The Experiment. Straight to DVD for some reason but interesting. Forest Whitaker plays crazy like no other. I swear he’s still playing “Mad Dog” from Jason’s Lyric LOL.

  17. onefromphilly says:

    $12.50 per month. The gym at work.

    Fake. My child is 20 now. We had real trees for 15 years

    Always used vagina and penis. I HATE those silly names.

    I’m constantly buying tights, briefs, and bras.

    This Christmas on DVD. I know it old but one of the better Christmas movies.

  18. N/A I have a new treadmill in my home office now.

    Real tree will be purchased for the firs time this year !

    I still say “private parts” with my nieces and nephew ages 9,8 & 3

    About 5 months ago. I am in need of some now.

    Unstoppable was pretty good.

  19. busybodyk says:

    $25/month – gym at work
    Real tree
    No kids yet but my mom taught me the proper words. She believed that if I ever said that someone touched my vagina, people would listen.
    last month
    Due Date – hilarious!

  20. amyg says:

    I was paying 37 a month. Cancelled gym and now walking or getting FREE workout videos from the library. GOOD variety, and did I mention FREE???



    too long on the underwear…I am due and have not received my $10 vic secret coupon.

    Social Network

  21. missmajestic says:

    Not a member of a gym currently
    my nephew says penis-he’s six not sure he knows vagina

    I believe I bought some panties this summer I think I’m due for some. My granny said a lady can never have too many.

    The Town with Ben Affleck was really good if you like shootemups

  22. Steph says:

    Free @ Work

    Real…I haven’t done one in about 4 years b/c of my dog (who will be 3 next month) I’m soooo afraid she’s gonna cock her leg up and pee.

    No kids yet, but growing up it was Pee Pee/Poo Pee

    Last month @ Nords, love their boycutt undies

    Paranormal Activity 2, Loved it! If you saw the first one you will totally understand.

  23. Icey1273 says:

    Just cancelled $70 Y membership and started running again

    I have lots of fake trees! Real ones are too much work.

    Real names.

    Purchasing some this weekend


  24. KJ says:



    No tree for me. I hate putting them up and taking them down. My Aunt volunteered to do it at my house. I told her to have at it.


    No children. Not sure what names I would use.


    Now that you have me thinking about it I’m not sure. I do look for new, pretty, comfortable ones all the time though. Hard to find that pretty/comfortable combo.


    What is one movie you’ve seen recently that you recommend? Red

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