What to Give, What to Want

Pserendipity has organized the second annual Christmas in Blogworld.  It’s basically a secret santa for bloggers.  I love the idea and am happy to be participating in a  (potentially) nationwide secret santa gift exchange!  We normally do a Secret Santa within my family, but aren’t doing it this year for a multitude of reasons.  In that exchange we actually submit a small wish list to make it easier for our Santa.  This, however, is going to be challenging!

I’ve been given my assignment and doing my research on my assignee.  At the same time I’ve been thinking about what I would want.  I mean, I know me pretty well so I know what would be just perfect, but I am wondering if someone in blogland would know me that well based on what I write.  Perhaps if they followed my old blog, but this site is focused mainly on Foxy.  So it will be interesting to see what someone comes up with.

Anyway, this is a fun activity and I can’t wait to mail my gift(s).  And I really can’t wait for everyone’s Santa to be revealed!

Do you participate in Secret Santas with friends, coworkers or otherwise?  What kind of things are on you list?

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3 Responses to What to Give, What to Want

  1. brannon says:

    I used to participate in Secret Stanta with co-workers, but not this year. Most of them get on my nerves, so I opted out. Whispers ever since; they need a freaking life.

    For the brave ones who’ve asked why I’m not participating, I’ve told them I’ll be doing some traveling the 1st couple months of the year.

  2. mzinspiredmind says:

    My friends and I do a SS almost every year. Noone has mentioned it yet this year…hmm, I need to rally the troops and see whats up w/ that! LOL. At previous jobs we would do secret santa. This job is pretty small(there are only 7 of us) so I’m not sure how they do it there. I’m also participating in Pserendipity’s SS…I need to get a blog post up about things I’d like. What kinds of things would you like B?

  3. keyalus says:

    I’m doing Pserendipity’s SS thing too and I’m at a loss for what to get. I haven’t done a true SS thing in forever. Just a white elephant type of thing from book club.

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