Das Boots

The other day I got on the elevator with a woman at work.  We don’t really know each other that well, but we know each other’s names.  She told me she loved my boots and was so jealous that she couldn’t wear a pair like them.

“Oh, they’re just a pair of ankle boots,” I showed her.  I assumed she thought they were a knee-length boot.  She said she knew but that her feet were too wide to wear cute narrow shoes and she could never wear a boot like the one I had on.  As we walked away I couldn’t help but think about how everyone has something someone else desires.

For the record, neither my feet nor my boots are super narrow.  They are just regular old ankle boots.  In fact, I call them my sensible work boots.  So it surprised me that she wouldn’t be able to find a pair that are similar.  Don’t they make boots in WIDE?

I think it was this time last year, or maybe the year before, that I wrote about my lifelong longing for knee-length boots.  And while I did try on several of the extended-calf variety, I have never found a pair that fit me correctly or didn’t look cheap.  So I will continue to covet them whenever I see a smartly dressed woman in a skirt and boots.

Is there an article of clothing that you just can’t fit or don’t look good in?

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14 Responses to Das Boots

  1. Nerd Girl says:

    Wrap dresses. I love them, but have never been able to find one that fits me. My hips are far wider than my chest is voluptuous and if the dress fits up top it is indecent on the bottom and if it fits on the bottom it is two sizes too big up top.

  2. JennBMe says:

    2nd on the knee hi boots!

  3. Barista says:

    I have HUGE calves, so I was never able to wear boots…until I found the best stretch knee high boots at Aldo a couple years ago. They’re the only pair to ever fit these bad ass calves and they’re HOT – 4″ heel just like I like it. I’m going to be super sad once I wear them out.

    I *think* this might be them, but I couldn’t see anything saying if they’re stretch. http://www.aldoshoes.com/ca-eng/women/boots/knee-high-boots/80552269-zientara/97

  4. Cassandra says:

    Knee high boots. Ordered a pair from ShoeDazzle hoping they would work – no such luck. 😦 I can fit SOME. Last year I drove all over Charlotte until I found some stretchy enough to fit over my calves. I bought them in black and brown. I’m still searching for a camel colored pair. And strapless dresses don’t look right on me, either.

  5. kimmy says:

    I long to be able to wear a v-neck top and show cl.ea.va.ge! But mine are too small! LOL

  6. keyalus says:

    I struggle with the boots thing too. I don’t get too upset though because I think my legs are too short for the skirt/boots look to work for me.

    I can’t wear things that are belted at the waist. A short upper body coupled with large hips means that waist belted stuff looks all wrong on me. I am sad about this because I am drawn to so many coats & sweaters that are designed that way!

  7. AR Gal says:

    My calves are larger than the average bear BUT this lady at a department store taught me a trick once that usually works. Zip the boot up while it’s still down below the calf area and then shimmy it up.

  8. krissy says:

    Its boots for me too. I haven’t tried any on in years now but I think next time I’m in a store I may see if my calves are smaller. They just may be.

  9. Disco Diva says:

    Because its winter, ALL I can think about is boots…and how the extended calf that DON’T work on me makes me feel like I am a freak of nature. I love the dress/boot look but alas, it will never be worn on me.


  10. Angelita says:

    Hmmm I’m 6 ft tall and I wear a size 12 shoe there is a lot I covet. Especially by way of shoes.

    • Nerd Girl says:

      Get thee quickly to 6pm.com! I wear a 12N – that site is my new best friend – you can search by size and width.

    • brannon says:

      me too. try nordstrom or nordstrom rack. shoe heaven. boot heaven; i bought some leather riding boots at the end of the summer that has some stretch to them…they fit rather nicely 🙂

  11. Honest says:

    After reading this post I got an email from DSW saying they offer up to size 12 and wide boots online.

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