Winter Kills

I am not feeling this cold weather.  Not one bit.  It is ridiculously cold outside and it is really causing me to feel a tad bit grinch-like.  I know it’s winter and that I should just suck it up and deal with it, but it’s winter in the South.  We don’t do December like this!  All that bundling up, scraping the car windows and cold toes ish usually doesn’t hit us until late January.  And then for only a few weeks.  So if it’s this cold now, what the hell is gonna happen next month?

Another problem with an early winter is higher heating bills.  Typically, I stay posted under a couple of blankets with my heater pointing in my direction.  But with the baby, I have to keep the central heat on blast.  I am so scared at what these gas and electic bills are gonna look like.

I’m hoping that this early winter will mean an earlier spring.  Yes, I know winter hasn’t even officially begun, but I am already wishing it were over.

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13 Responses to Winter Kills

  1. onefromphilly says:

    And I had the nerve to ask what was Foxy, a baby in the ATL, gonna do with such a heavy snow suit. I guess I’m the dunb one. 😦

    The good thing is that she is prepared for this. I swear that I thought getting a kid dressed in all of the cold weather gear needed in Philly winters was some of the hardest work. I was tired after getting my son dressed to get in a car and drive several blocks, get out and go into Grandma’s house!!!

    I crack up in the mornings looking at the kids bundled up looking like gingerbread cookies. They are so bundled that they can’t bend. They look like 3D cookies. HA!

  2. CreolePeach says:

    I’m with you! I’m over this mess. I usually try to hold out as long as possible before turning on the central heat but I broke down last week. If it’s going to be this damn cold, I need there to be freezing rain and extra days off work!

  3. busybodyk says:

    Me too. My furnace went out yesterday. Not good right now. Not good at all….

  4. K. Rock says:

    SO true! This mess is ridiculous. This is January weather. I can’t deal with a full winter here! That’s why I live here. Hopefully it will be over soon.

  5. Maggie says:

    I’m already over it as well. It was 18 degree’s this morning and I’m in Alabama, the weatherman kindly reminded me that 62 is the average temperature at this time of year for my area. I need spring in my life!

  6. sundaze says:

    Totally feeling you on this post. If I wanted winters this harsh, this early, I’d live in a city where I could get decent takeout past 9 on a weeknight.

  7. keyalus says:

    ITA. My car said it was 15 degrees this morning! It also said “Icy” to describe the temperature. I thought that was funny because when it is hot as blazes here it doesn’t give a descriptive word.

    I’m very nervous about my gas bill. Maybe not this one because we did have that week of warm weather at Thanksgiving. The next one will surely not be good.

  8. brannon says:

    Bah hum bug – I hate the cold weather and snow, too! My bones simply cannot take it.

  9. CaliSlim says:

    I compared my heating bill and usage from this year to last years. I’ve already used double than what I used last year. Fortunately, I locked in my low gas rate earlier this fall, so I the bill is only $20 more instead of double. Just glad to have a working HVAC while I pray for those out on the streets. Can’t imagine…

  10. ames says:

    Maybe you will get to have a white Christmas. I think cold weather makes it feel like Christmas.

  11. Honest says:

    Winter SUCKS! It’s unusually cold up here in the DMV as well. I’m hoping we don’t get the snow we got last year because I can’t take it.

  12. MommieV says:

    I find as I get older I tolerate cold less than I used to. And yes, with a baby the thermostat goes even higher. She shivered so hard after her bath tonight, even after jammies were on and everything. I felt SO bad. Bring on spring!

    Keep warm!

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