Randomly Speaking

I ran in to a coworker today.  We were chatting and I mentioned something about getting a Christmas tree for my daughter.  Her response, “oh, did you adopt?”

Pay attention, people!


My living room is so drafty it’s not suitable for baby to play.  I have to take the portable heater and place it in front of the fireplace to counter the cold air coming in.

I hate winter.


I was talking to my dad tonight and he said, “you don’t know what it does to my heart every time I walk into a baby store.  I get so excited!”

He doesn’t know what that does to my heart.


I’ve been going to bed hungry most nights. 

That’s not hot.


I remember a time when I didn’t watch ANY of the housewives, and now I can’t get enough!

“…stilll doin your thaaaannnggggg!”

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7 Responses to Randomly Speaking

  1. Krissy says:

    If we were real life friends i’d have to break up with you for that last line! Smh@ that damn non singing ass kim! Just ugh!

  2. AR Gal says:

    LOL @ your co-worker. She apparently didn’t pay a lot of close attention.

    Our great room is the same way. When not in use, I have to place stuff up against the fireplace to try and help block the draft. I think I’m going to go out to home depot or somewhere this weekend to see if there’s a gadget for sell that can fit in the drafty spot where the air comes in.

    The latest set of houseslores need to kick it up a notch!

  3. Deljah says:

    Is your fireplace flue closed? I have our fireplace opening blocked. I have a posterboard (the kind with foam in it that’s about a 1/4 inch thick) that I inserted into the fireplace opening. Before insertion, I covered it in some paintable wallpaper that I already had and painted it black. It fits perfectly, does the trick and is very unobtrusive since it blends into the black fireplace surround. It does look slightly (lol) jerry rigged, but whatevs. Not so rigged that I’d consider removing it or feel ashamed! 🙂 It has faithfully kept my now 2 year out.

    Yeah, the flue is closed. The fireplace/house is so old it’s just drafty.

  4. I just love grandparents !

  5. DD from MD says:

    I have no randoms. But I absolutley love how you and your dad’s relationship has taken off.

  6. I have a fireplace in the living room too and mine is also drafty. Hubs checked and the flue is closed too. Pisses me off!

    I love that your daughter has brought your family back together as well.

  7. MrsTDJ says:

    Grandparents are the best! I too have been sucked into the RHOA train wreck. **smh**

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