Safety Village

Saturday I decided to switch Foxy to her convertible car seat.  At her last doctor’s appointment, the pediatrician thought it might be time.  I knew she was quickly outgrowing the infant car seat because of her length, so it was no surprise.

In my county, there is a service that does car seat inspection and installation.  Being a new mom, I had absolutely no idea how to install a car seat or anything about car seat laws.  I utilized them when I was pregnant in order to have the infant seat installed, so it was only natural that I would go back for the car seat switch.

Once we were parked inside the garage, I was instructed on proper seat belt usage for infants.  Apparently, Foxy was not buckled in properly.  I had no idea how precise the strapping in of the baby needed to be, and I am willing to bet half the mothers driving around don’t know either.

The safety lady inspected my new car seat and pointed out some of the features.  She told me how it should be installed rear facing, and gave me some facts on when to switch her to a forward facing position.

In order to get the seat at the correct angle, she gave me this piece of pool noodle to place under the seat.  She explained how it was better than a rolled up towel because the towel would compress upon impact.

A few more pointers on car safety and we were all set.  Foxy definitely likes her new seat.  She has room to relax  and doesn’t seem all squished up anymore.

If you live in Cobb County and have children, definitely check out Safety Village to learn about car safety.  Even if you don’t live in Cobb, you should check it out.

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11 Responses to Safety Village

  1. heartdrops says:

    uhhh how cute is this little girl??? That’s all I took away from this post! LOL

  2. Disco Diva says:

    Did she show you how to strap her in like she is going to the moon? If not, Keyalus should be teaching there!

    Yeah, all Keyalus needs to do is add a helmet and that little boy is ready for orbit!

    • keyalus says:

      I got my info from those same Safety Village folks at a Car Seat stop. I want my kid to be safe so I try to make sure I’m doing it correctly – most people aren’t. Hmph!

  3. Clu says:

    awwww…her eyes! 🙂

  4. CC says:

    Everyday she is looking more and more like you.

  5. doahleigh says:

    She’s getting so big! How does it happen so quickly?

  6. S23 says:

    She looks soo cute! And like she’s growing up so fast.

  7. Deljah says:

    Cute pic! We took our infant car seat to a similar place (not in Cobb). They did allow for the folded up towel. When we switched to the convertible seat, I installed it myself. I felt comfortable at that point with the instructions and feedback I saw online.

    I wanted to keep my daughter rear-facing as long as possible and bought a convertible that allows for rear-facing up to 35 lbs. We ended up turning her at 20 lbs anyway.

  8. quietstorm34 says:

    She’s looking like “really mommy, another picture? I’m trying to play over here.” Such a q-t.

  9. t. sheree says:

    What a sweet face. 😀

  10. SimplyB says:

    Oh gosh I forgot I have to buy another car seat!

    Safety Village is such a great service.

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