Pizza Party Pooper

So I decided to take 1969’s advice and do a pizza party for the people at Foxy’s school.  It was a way to show my thanks for their hard work without spending a whole lot of money.  I had already done cookies, so I didn’t want to do that.  I would have done cupcakes, but I waited until the last minute so that was out.  I know how much I appreciate free lunch, so I thought this was a perfect idea.  Oh, and I knew I could have pizza delivered, so I wouldn’t have to miss work to deliver it.

I showed up in the morning with a couple of 2-liters of soda.  I handed them to the lead teacher and told her that lunch would be delivered at 11:45.  She was so surprised and happy.  I heard her telling one of the other teacher’s that Foxy’s momma was having lunch brought in.

I ordered pizza from Papa John’s.  I was assured that the pizza would be delivered at 11:45.  I also instructed the girl that took my order to add the tip on since I wouldn’t be there to sign for it.  She told me that would be no problem.

Around the time that the pizza should have been delivered I received a call from the delivery girl on my VM asking how to get into the building.  I quickly called back and she told me that the order had been delivered and she asked if I wanted to add a tip to the order.  I told her that I had already instructed the order taker to add the tip, but yes she should add it.  She thanked me and we hung up.

When I went to pick up the baby, I was greeted by a couple of the teachers.  They thanked me kindly for lunch.  They said it was so nice to not have to go out and get anything.  Then the receptionist casually mentioned how rude the delivery driver was.  I asked her to explain and she told me she didn’t want to add a tip since it was for my credit card.  She was about to call me to ask what she should do when the driver snatched the receipt from her hand and said, “what did I come to work for?”  Then she left.

I’m going to pause the story here and ask you, gentle readers, what you would have done next.  Then I’ll be back to tell you what I did.

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17 Responses to Pizza Party Pooper

  1. MrsTDJ says:

    Called Papa John’s and reported his rude azz.

  2. CaliSlim says:

    Uh….let it ride? 😀

  3. Micki says:

    Call Papa John with driver’s name.
    Explain the situation.
    Kindly state that I want my bill adjusted to not include a tip.
    Follow up with a nasty gram. LOL

  4. Christina says:

    I would have called and reported him. Papa Johns likes to send coupons for free pizza when they mess up 🙂

  5. Joe Ann says:

    Let it ride, something is a little fishy here…

  6. amyg says:

    I would call and bitch and tell them I wanted the same order delivered with a smile on its face….

  7. Coop says:

    Call Papa Johns.

  8. Let it go until the next time I order. I would explain to the manager that I hope I would get a more courteous delivery this time around.

  9. cbean says:

    Yeah, I would call and clown. It looks like the driver called you after the daycare center wouldn’t approve the tip, which they should not have. They have no right to spend your money.

    Now as for the daycare, they should have handled that directly with Papa Johns. They were the offended party, not you. They had no reason to rain on your pizza party parade.

  10. sherri says:

    I hope you let it go. The teachers enjoyed their lunch. That’s what you wanted. The receptionist is the receptionist. They deal with people all day long. That’s a part of the job. She should not have complained to you. If it was bad enough to complain, she should have called Papa JOhns herself.

  11. naijamodel says:

    I would call Papa. The daycare has no standing to complain because they didn’t pay for it or order it.

    Maybe the receptionist shoulda let it ride, but I don’t think she was wrong or meant to be rude to you. I think she wanted you to know Papa didn’t appreciate your business.

  12. kimmy says:

    If I were the receptionist, I wouldn’t have mentioned it to you. But since she did, I would have had to call Papa John’s to complain.

  13. jamie says:

    I would call the Papa Johns where you ordered the pizza and tell them about the rude driver then I would WRITE an old fashioned letter to Papa John himself explaining the situation. The driver is in the SERVICE industry and a tip is never guaranteed, but you still have to be nice to the customer.

    You paid for a service which included courteous delivery of a product, this did no occur and the receptionist was right in telling you so. Papa John’s is serious about winning back market share from their competitors and would not like a driver behaving like this. Play it right and Papa himself may just show up in his camaro and deliver you a pizza himself making you a tv commercial star in the process.

  14. Joe Ann says:

    I am one to follow my intution, it is usually right. I finally figured out why something didn’t sound right to me. If the driver was rude to the receptionist without merit, then why wasn’t the driver rude to you when he/she called to inquiry about leaving a tip. There are always two sides to each story. I have a feeling there is a very different story on the other side of this one….

  15. Dark&Lovely says:

    I think that when the driver called and asked you how to get to the building, she knew how to get to the building, and had possibly already delivered the pizza when she placed the call. She disquised it as “How do I get to the building?” instead of her whole purpose for the call “Do I get a tip?” Sounds like she was rude to the receptionist when she didn’t think she was getting a tip after delivery. The problem was Papa John’s lack of communication from the person that took your order to the delivery person. And just because the delivery person initially didn”t think she was getting a tip, that’s no excuse for rude behavior. I’d complain.

  16. InnerDiva says:

    Call Papa John’s and have the tip removed from the order. Tips are for exceptional service, not exceptional rudeness.

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