Holiday Wrap Up

Christmas Morning

We are finally back after a nice, long visit home.  It was great being around so much family.  Even after I showed out we still had a great time.  I didn’t wear a stitch of makeup or do my hair the entire time.  I wore lounge clothes except for when I left the house.  I watched First 48 marathon, Family Feud and plenty of old westerns with my grandmother.

I ate ALL my favorite hometown foods- Big Boy, Cassano’s Pizza, Skyline Chili and Friendly’s.  I drank my favorite soda like it was providing a lifeline to my bloodstream.   And I just rested.

Visiting Great Grandma

Foxy was positively spoiled.  Grandparents, aunts and cousins.  They all loved her and she loved them.  It is amazing the change I saw in her in just a week.  I think she’s even bigger than when we left.

Babs in Costume

Scene of the Crime

For new year’s we did a murder mystery party.  It was fun for the most part.  Honestly, I wasn’t in charge and saw a couple of things we could have done to make it better.  I am totally planning on hosting a murder mystery party of my own.

It was so great to be away from the crazy that I truly cried when it was time to leave.  Then right before I got on the plane I heard an angel say I could stay an extra day and he would give me two free roundtrip tickets.  Actually, it was the gate agent trying to find people to give up their seats.  And since the plantation was closed Monday I jumped all over that bad boy.  Two free airline tickets!

Pops was more than happy to come back to the airport to fetch his girls.  And I was more than happy to curl up and watch The Game marathon all day.

Today, Disco Diva picked me and the Fox up from the airport.  We had breakfast and hit the market.  I plan on spending the rest of the day cold chillin.  And by cold chillin, I mean washing my hair, cooking for the week and doing laundry.

It’s 2011 and time to get back into the swing of things!

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10 Responses to Holiday Wrap Up

  1. TheMrs says:

    Happy New Year!

  2. Miss Ali D says:

    Love Foxy’s Christmas outfit! You two look wonderful! So glad you had a nice holiday.

  3. Maggie says:

    Foxy is such a cutie!!! Glad all turned out well with the family. The murder mystery party sounds like it would be so much fun, if/when you do….Enjoy!

  4. 1969 says:

    Gotta love family. Happy New Year to you and Foxy!

  5. S23 says:

    Foxy is holding on to your shirt like don’t make a move mommy. LOL. She’s so cute!~ Happy Holidays!

  6. amyg says:

    ahhh, I miss that baby!!! She is the CUTEST, blogland! HAPPY NEW YEAR Babs!!!

  7. Bunny says:

    Too cute, the both of ya’s!!

  8. Such cute photos!! Hope you had a very merry christmas…your post about New Years made me laugh out loud!!

  9. Man, your grandmother looks awesome! That’s a cute picture of the two if them! Glad you had a good holiday visit!

  10. CC says:

    Happy New Year! You both look fab. Love the bangs.

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