Follow Me

Okay, I’m giving it a go.  I’m still not completely clear on how to use it like a pro, so we’ll see how it goes.


I haven’t decided on whether I want to be private or not.  Until then…follow me!

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6 Responses to Follow Me

  1. TravelDiva says:

    Just followed you. I’m @thetraveldiva. I hope you will return the same.

  2. jack says:

    Tried to follow you but couldn’t find you.

  3. busybodyk says:

    Following you as naturallyk 🙂

  4. dmcmillian72 says:

    It’s tricky at first but you get the hang of it the more you’re on Twitter. I’ll look you up as soon as I leave work and get away from this stupid weather shelter I sit too close to that blocks my AT&T signal… *grrrrr*

  5. Tweeting is so much better on the phone and tweetdeck. You can download tweetdeck on your computer. It’s 100 times better than the web version. The web version sucks! I’m @traycee30

  6. doahleigh says:

    I just sent a follow request. I’m @shandoah in case you don’t recognize it.

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