Free Shoes!

A couple of weeks before Christmas I saw a post on a blog, or maybe it was a FB page.  I can’t recall.  Anyway, I saw a post about a website called BearPaws that was giving away free shoes.  All you had to do was fill out a form and the first X number of people got free shoes.  Never one to turn down anything free, particularly shoes, I filled out the form not knowing if I had even made the cutoff.

Yesterday I came home to find a package on my door.  I had no idea what it could be and was pleasantly suprised to find these bad boys inside.

These are the perfect pair of house shoes!  First of all, they are super warm and cozy on the inside.  I love the hard sole which gives me some very much needed support.  And they are very comfortable.   The best part is that I actually was in need of new house shoes.  My current pair are a little funky from so much wear.  I have actually been on the make for a new pair for several weeks.

I am so happy with my free shoes!  If you are in need of some new slippers, or any of the other comfy shoes they offer, head over to their website and use code gift2you to save 15%.

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