No Limit Soldier

I’m a bad mom.  I’ve been putting limits on my baby.  Here I thought I was doing good by picking out out a couple of fun toys only to discover those toys were wack. Wickety wack! It all started when we went to visit LoriF while home for Christmas.  Our daughters are a week apart in age.  We got them on the floor together and Lori broke out her baby’s toys.  And boy did she have a lot!  And they weren’t wack rattles and toy ipods, no sir.  They were real toys.  Real toys that have buttons, and talk to you with pop up surprises.  And Foxy loved it!

She was immediately taken with the toys.  She knew just what to do.  Here I was thinking she was too young for such toys and they were just right for her. Before I left town, I picked out a couple of interactive toys for her.  She loved them.  She would sit on the floor and play and play.

Yesterday I headed to a mommy meetup at an indoor play center for toddlers and babies.  Before the holidays, I would have thought Foxy was too young for such an outing.  Now, I know it is just what she wants. I knew she liked it immediately.  We were surrounded by babies playing, there were nursery rhymes on the sound system (which I knew the words to every song because I have the same CDs).  There were bubbles coming from the ceiling and toys everywhere.  Foxy immediately started talking and screaming.  She was happy!

We stayed for about an hour.  She sat up, played on her stomach and even sat on one of the scooters.  By the time we left she was exhausted.

I will definitely be heading back there. I only wish it were closer to my house.  In the meantime, its time to fill up the house with some real toys!

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11 Responses to No Limit Soldier

  1. Krissy says:

    I never bought jasmine a lot of toys when she was smaller. To me they were a waste of money and aside from that she was never interested in them like that. She liked books . Something about turning pages and thing. She has more toys now @ 14 months because she actually plays with them now.

  2. the girl says:

    Since she looks older than her age it makes sense she would behave older. Yay Foxy!

  3. Bunny says:

    Foxy is such the cutie!!! The more toys the mo better I always say!!! LOL!!!

  4. S23 says:

    She looks cute on that scooter. Her jeans are too cute! She’s a fashionable baby!

  5. doahleigh says:

    Cute! My niece wore that same outfit on Christmas Eve, and I think she even has that red/green bib (does it say something about first christmas?). Gotta say, they both rock the outfit equally adorably!

    Yep, baby’s first christmas!

  6. Lori F says:

    Sweet N Low had a great time playing with Foxy & is willing to share her toys anytime!

    Sweet N Low. Love that!

  7. Lisa says:

    I rarely comment but, Foxy is the absolute cutest! Most babies love lights and sounds and buttons at a very young age.

  8. keyalus says:

    I missed your text and the mommy meetup. We weren’t doing *anything* on Saturday either! Let me know the next time you are going!

    I underestimated Lewis on the toys too. On some level, his interest in toys was not great until after a year. But maybe that was because I was giving him stuff that was too young. Now, I look for toys that are a bit ahead so he can grow into them. Most of the things are staged so that as they get older they can do more with the toys.

    Foxy looks just like you in the scooter picture…something about the expression on her face. I finally see you in her!

    Check out the Amazon Mom program. I got good prices on lots of toys and free 2 day shipping. As you continue to buy stuff they extend your membership. Didn’t cost me a dime.

  9. 1969 says:

    BEST.TOY.EVER! Both my boys had one of these and they would play with it for hours. I highly recommend it for Foxy. She can hold on to it and stand up and until then, the top comes off and she can play with it on the floor. The music, lights, etc fascinated my two babies.

    • Krissy says:

      Jasmine got one of those for christmas! She lovessss it. She dances and loves the singing phone. This is a great activity station. It does so many things. Keeps jas from getting bored.

  10. SimplyB says:

    Sydney got an exersaucer for Christmas and jumps around in that thing until she falls asleep! It was/is a great investment.

    She got a few toys that I think are too advanced but I may break them out a little sooner.

    Her favorite toy you ask? The wipes tub!

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