Snow Day!!!

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5 Responses to Snow Day!!!

  1. Gladys says:

    Wow! I hope we’re next!

  2. Lori F says:

    Wow! Kinda feels like home a little I’ll bet! We’re supposed to get 3-5″ overnight tonight! Alan went to the store to get some things for the week ahead last night & surprised me with some ice cream bars (we’d had a chuckle previously when I’d shared with him about the items you stocked up with!). LOL! So… thanks for the inspiration!!!

  3. 1969 says:

    Enjoy and take some Foxy in the snow pictures. We have a classic snow picture of Tali 1 screaming his head off as we sat him in some snow for the first time.

  4. Nerd Girl says:

    So jealous! Y’all got what we were supposed to. Enjoy it!

  5. sherri says:

    OK… where are the pics of Foxy? I’ve already taken and Facebooked gratuitous pics of J and J in the snow. LOL

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