Ice Day

It’s Tuesday.  And what does that mean?  Another day on my couch!  Although the snow and sleet have gone away, Atlanta is still covered in a blanket of ice.  Man, I’m so happy I don’t know what to do.  Last week was a four-day week.  This week is turning out to be a three-day week.  And next week is a four day week.  This is how you ease into 2011!

I am determined to not completely waste these days.  I’ve done some cleaning up and organizing in Foxy’s room.    I am doing some reorganizing in the kitchen.  And I plan on tidying up my bedroom.

I really need to take the trash out.  In addition to just regular household trash there are tons of dirty diapers.  I just can’t be in the house with all those diapers, so I am going to find a way to get the trash taken out.  I was planning on getting the stroller out of my trunk so baby and I could make it to the dumpster, but then I realized it’s probably frozen shut.  Perhaps I’ll use my trusty sling and strap that baby to me.  Let’s just hope I don’t wipe out on the hill.



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9 Responses to Ice Day

  1. heartdrops says:

    Be careful!
    I’m tired of staying home. I need more outside air and human interaction!

  2. Honest says:

    When we had the snowmageddon in DC last year I was happy for the first 2 days after that I couldn’t wait to get to the office. I still had to work from home and our gov’t client is up on this whole technology thing and it was business as usual. (I worked from home for over a week).

    I’m lucky that I live in DC proper and can walk to the store, bars and restaurants but most of my friends don’t so I was bored out of my mind!

  3. AR Gal says:

    Why not take it out when she lays down for a nap?

    Would that be safe or legal? The dumpster is a block away.

    • GeckoGirl says:

      I was thinking the same thing. I doubt if it’s illegal to leave a sleeping child for under 5 minutes to take out the trash (of course, don’t leave food on the stove or candles burning). Note that I am not a parent and I don’t work for DFCS so my opinion is completely worthless 🙂

    • CaliSlim says:

      Lawd Babs. It’s a block. You won’t even be leaving your subdivision. 😆

      Speeding isn’t safe or legal either.

      My parents, on the otherhand, would take long bike rides together while I was down for my naps. 😕 😆

    • AR Gal says:

      Safe? Yeah, she’ll be sleeping.

      Legal? I have no idea but you aren’t abandoning the child. Just keep it between you. your key and the lock on your door. LOL

  4. LOL @ CalimSlim’s parents!!! Bike rides?????

    I think that if you put her in the bed while she’s sleeping she should be fine while you remove the refuse.

  5. Krissy says:

    Its safe. Take out the damn trash lol

  6. missmajestic says:

    I think it would be better to leave her in her nice warm crib than to take her out in the cold and risk slipping and falling. of course you could slip and fall without her and that could be another problem. Or could you just sit the trash outside until you can make it all the way to the dumpster?

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