Let Us Free!

Day three trapped in the house spending quality time with baby.  Schools remain closed so that means parents are stuck at home.

I originally only got groceries for Sunday and Monday and maybe Tuesday, so I knew I had to venture out today.  Sure I still had food, but nothing I wanted.  I devised an escape plan.  We would get out of the subdvision, get groceries and go out to lunch.

After getting the car warmed up and baby bundled up we headed out.

After getting the car warmed up and baby bundled up we headed out.

After getting the car warmed up and baby bundled up we headed out.

Yes, it took us THREE tries to get over the hill, but we finally made it!  Once out of the subdivision, I decided I just wanted to get groceries and get the fugg back home.  The roads weren’t treacherous, but they weren’t clear enough for me to warrant being out there with baby.

The grocery store was fairly busy.  Everyone was in a good mood.  I think we were all just happy to be out of the house.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t an egg, potato or apple in sight.  The produce and eggs were almost all gone.  They were restocking bread, but I didn’t need that.

I did get some cauliflower.  This is as good a time as any to introduce a new food to Foxy.  I also got a few pears and chicken breast and some frozen peaches.  I shall spend the day preparing meals for her.

As for me, I picked up a rotisserie chicken and some other things.  I was so happy to not have to cook lunch today!

Now we are safely back at home.  It was good for us to get out even if only for 45 minutes.  Hopefully, this is our last day at home.  Shoot, I don’t get refunds on daycare, so that is money down the drain.


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2 Responses to Let Us Free!

  1. mzinspiredmind says:

    Glad you all made it to the store and back safely. I have fam in ATL and while they are enjoying this break, they are NOT used to it and are pizzed! I remember those daycare days..I totally think if the DC is closed and my child obviously isn’t there, I shouldn’t have to pay those days…Good thing I’m not in business. lol

  2. Petite Pearl says:

    Hi Babs- I’m so with you on the daycare bill. I’m able to work from home this week BUT I’m doing two people’s jobs at once. Therefore I’m gonna need a day off from the winter weather break. LOL. I’m hoping we can have take out for dinner tonight.

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