Day Five and Other Randoms

Yes you read that correctly.  Today is my fifth day of NO WORK.  Not for nothing,  I did actually try to make it in this morning.  I got up, got dressed, got on the highway and sat.  I inched slowly down the highway for about an hour and had gone about 3 miles.  I called my manager to tell her I might not make the meeting we had scheduled and she told me to just go home.

BTW- it took TWO HOURS to get to the airport last night.  I was not a happy camper!

I scooped up my mom and that baby and took them to breakfast.  Then I dropped them off at the house so I could take care of business.  I am currently posted up at the cutest coffee shop while my car gets some much needed maintenance.  Downside is I forgot my earbuds so I can’t do anything fun like watch videos or tv shows.


Oh well, I’m about to break out Pootie Tang and do some reading.  I’m so happy to be out of the house it doesn’t even matter.


Ummm, 4 people commented on my Do You Blog post.  Please rectify that.


I’ve got something super fun planned for baby tomorrow.  So excited!  I guess I better make a couple of calls to make sure it’s still on.


Ran into my neighbor that is cop.  I love her.  She has a new dog that is an ex-police dog.  Now I love her even more!

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2 Responses to Day Five and Other Randoms

  1. K. Rock says:

    I giggle when you called it Pootie Tang…

    It took me an hour and a half to get home from work yesterday and that is normally a 40 minute drive. I am actually leaving here pretty soon to ensure that doesn’t happen again.

  2. CC says:

    Day 5 with pay, I hope.

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