He Must Have Known

He must have known I hadn’t had a WTF moment in a while.  He must have known I was a blogger and would most certainly be writing about our encounter.  He must of known he would provide today’s chuckle.

I’m referring to the man at McDonald’s.  He had a cane.  He sat in the corner.  When I got up to order, leaving the baby with Disco Diva, he stepped right in line behind me.  I thought he was trying to get to the beverage station.  He was not.

Babs (stepping aside): Oh, excuse me.
Crazy MF: No, you’re okay.  I’m just fighting cancer and trying to beat it.
Babs (side eye): silence
Crazy MF (extending a dollar and some change my way): Would you buy me a cheeseburger?
Babs (side eye): Why wouldn’t you buy it yourself?
Crazy MF: Oh.

After I ordered, Crazy MF stepped up in line and ordered…some chocolate chip cookies.

What about the cheeseburger???

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4 Responses to He Must Have Known

  1. CreolePeach says:

    What he wanted to happen was you refuse to take his money and buy the cheeseburger for him. Then he would have bought the cookies with the money he had. The cheeseburger would have relieved his hunger so he could really enjoy the cookies.

  2. doahleigh says:

    Sometimes people show up in your life just to provide good blog material!

  3. onefromphilly says:

    Chocolate works better on Cancer than a cheeseburger. Gurl…didn’t you read that on the internets? 🙂

  4. dmcmillian72 says:

    OMG… This story had me WEEEEAAK! 🙂

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