Bring it On!

I swear I have the best friends.  The best, I tell you!

Let’s start with DiscoDiva.  I got an email from her the other day claiming she had found a deal for tickets to a show we’ve been wanting to see so I had better find a sitter or Foxy was coming with us.  I haven’t seen a show in over a year, so I just knew I had to work it out.

I reached out to the Crew and not one, not two, but three of those broads jumped at the chance to spend the afternoon with my girl.  They came over, I gave them chicken and everyone was happy.

Bring it On: The Musical was great.  It was amazing!  CaliSlim and the girls scoffed at me as I recounted the show to them, but I promise you anyone that sees it will walk away a fan.  The gymnastics, the dancing, the singing and the dialogue were great.  It was funny and contemporary and appeals to a wide range of people.  I seriously want to see it again.

I cannot do the show enough justice with just a couple of paragraphs.  If you are in Atlanta, please go see this show before it’s gone.  If it travels to your city and you have a chance to see it, take my word and check it out.

Thanks to DiscoDiva for scoring the tickets and Keyalus for driving.  And thanks to CaliSlim, Mrs. Rehab and Dark&Lovely for sitting with the Fox.

Now I’m off to find more tickets…

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6 Responses to Bring it On!

  1. missmajestic says:

    I would like to see this and I haven’t even seen any of the movies in their entirety.

  2. CaliSlim says:

    OMG! I am so much more high falutin than a “broad” that gets paid in chicken! 😆

    Foxy is a doll. Her aunts had so much fun watching her. We’re glad we saved her from that musical. 😉

  3. keyalus says:

    It was so so good! I want a soundtrack! It is Broadway bound for sure so I guess I’ll have to wait until it hits the big time. I feel so special that little old Atlanta gets to have some great musicals like this one and The Color Purple premiere here before they go on to become big Broadway hits.

  4. Honest says:

    Good to have amazing friends.

  5. discodiva73 says:

    It was seriously the best musical. Singing, Dancing AND Gymnastics? It was too good for words.

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