Who you Callin a Ho?

Did I ever tell you about the time I brought baby in to work and someone said she looked “exotic” and “Indian”?  It was last summer.  I thought I wrote about it but it didn’t come up in the search.  

Anyway, at the time I was totally offended.  How dare she call my baby exotic looking?  Is this the first brown baby she has seen?


So the other day the same coworker called me to ask a question and at the end of the call she asked, “how’s that little Ho Chi Minh baby doing?”

And you know what I did?


Seriously.  For some reason that was so funny to me!  She started laughing too and said, “Babs, you know I only say that kinda stuff cause it’s you and I know I can.”  Indeed.

I guess my horomones have leveled out and I’m not nearly as sensitive as I was last summer.  Praises be for that one.

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