Off the Wagon

Somehow I managed to accidentally scarf down three slices of classic pizza from Blue Moon.

*shame face*

You see, what had happened was, I asked my dad what he wanted for dinner and we managed to agree on pizza.  In my mind, I was strong.  I thought I’d eat one slice and have a tall glass of water and be done.  I don’t know who I was foolin.  When it comes to Blue Moon, I can never get enough.

So I am now down to four days left to get it together for weigh in.

Pray for me, you guys!

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12 Responses to Off the Wagon

  1. brannon says:

    Hey, I believe you can do it! Look at what you’ve accomplished so far.

  2. Tazzee says:

    That Blue Moon pizza is something else! You’ll be fine, load up on veggies and fruit. It will take more than a couple slices of pizza to keep you from goal.

  3. JennBMe says:

    Get right back on that saddle! You can do it!!

  4. K says:

    You can totally do this. I had weeks like that too on WW and sometimes the weigh-in reflected the eating and sometimes it didn’t, but my desire to keep on the right track was even stronger.

    Good luck!

  5. CC says:

    You got this!! Three slices…not a set back. Being El Debarge…who is back in rehab…with a tour that begins in a couple of days…major set back.

  6. SimplyB says:

    I had Blue Moon ONCE and was immediately in love.

    Don’t worry Babs. You admitted that you fell off so there is nothing left to do but get back on!

  7. keyalus says:

    Falling off the wagon is eating 3 slices of pizza yesterday and then declaring the rest of the week and your goals blown to smitherines so why not head to Flip for lunch today…and tomorrow and so on. That is falling off the wagon!

    You ate something not really conducive to meeting your goals and you are back on target today. You got this!

  8. You got this! And this is from someone who started Atkins yesterday and has a MAJOR sugar craving. We are gonna be SO fine!!!

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