I seriously considered not weighing in yesterday.  I knew I was up a couple of pounds and I thought seeing it on paper would depress me.  Why bother have someone telling me what I already knew?

I went to the meeting anyway, because I like the meetings.  I like the leader, the message, the people and, well, I pay for it.  So I went to the meeting, but wasn’t sure if I would step on the scale until the moment I walked in the door.  Then I decided why the hell not.  Knowing the real number would hopefully call me to action to not over do it this week.

I’m up 1.8 pounds.  That’s actually not bad at all.  Although I tried really hard this past week, there truly wasn’t much I could do.  Simply put-  I’m bloated.  And I am always up a couple of pounds when everyone’s favorite Aunt is in town.

Sidebar: I’m sitting here watching “Inception” again and it totally is making sense to me now.

Anyway, yesterday I stuck with my plan of free Saturdays.  I ate pretty much what I wanted.  What I wanted included pizza and lemon pepper wings.  I’m glad that I got it out of my system.

This morning I am back on plan.  Egg whites for breakfast (with tomato and onion) and two strips of delicious bacon.  Mmmmmm…bacon.  Later, baby and I are going for a nice long walk in the magnificent sunshine.

I have a lunch and a reception this week at work.  Those will be my challenges.  I have no idea what they are serving at the luncheon, but I selected the menu for Wednesday so I can plan for that ahead of time.

I am determined not to have another bad week!

How do you bounce back from a bad week of dieting?  What motivates you?

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3 Responses to Up

  1. K says:

    I think sometimes that number on the scale can be a good thing after a Happy Time eating week combined with bloat-y business. Use it as a motivator. You’ve done so well this far!

  2. Honest says:

    Glad you went to weigh in. When I’ve had a bad week (this weekend was bad for me) I like to see what I’m working with and to then act accordingly. What motivates me after I’ve had a bad week is the weight I’ve lost so far and how I don’t want to go back there. Also I’ve bought a bunch of new clothes over the last 6 months and have donated all my old clothes so I can’t afford to gain the weight back.

  3. t. sheree says:

    Usually when I fall off, I fall all the way off, and it’s hard to get motivated again. This time, I’m much more serious due to health issues (high cholesterol) and upcoming trips this summer. I want to show as much skin as possible before I’m so old that it’s shameful, but most of all, I want to live a very long time. Plus, I know I’m coming up on a very demanding season at my job and I want to get back in the habit of eating well and working out so that I’m not derailed too badly. So lately, I’ve been forcing myself to step on that scale every morning and to look at my back rolls every night.

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