Confession #311,976

I’m sick to death of making baby’s food.

There, I said it!

Peaches and Blueberries

I’m not sick of it enough to start feeding her jarred baby food.  That will never happen.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there is anything wrong with jarred baby food and if it works for you it works for me.  But the thought of shelf-stable food truly skeeves me out.  I rarely buy canned vegetables.  Even canned soup seems gross to me.  The only thing I buy regular in a can are beans and tomatoes.

I’m sure baby won’t care either way, but I care.  And if I can’t stomach it, neither should she.  On top of that, I truly used to love making her food.  I get so much pleasure in doing that for her, but lately I’ve been tired.  It’s become a chore.  And I find myself letting her try more and more off of my plate.  The other day I made us breakfast.  I had egg whites and she got the yolks.  Add in yogurt, toast and whatever else I had and we had a ton of dishes after just one meal.

I’m not trying to rush her or anything, but I can’t wait until she can eat more table food.  I’m starting to lose my steam and my creativity when it comes to preparing her meals.

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8 Responses to Confession #311,976

  1. Shea says:

    Mm-mmm! Those peaches and blueberries look delish.

    Like I said, Baby eats everything I eat. The downside is I never have anything to myself, but on the flip-side, it forces me to eat better. Considering we’re about to embark on sundress and swimsuit season, this may be a win-win situation.

    If you don’t wanna go old school and chew the food before giving it to her, try using a muddler or something similar. I swear that thing can pound all kinds of cooked food into something my child can eat.

  2. najalimu says:

    Don’t give up! 🙂 Before you know it, she’ll be eating her own (version of your food). I second the baby food grinder, at almost 10 months Baby Naj has 8 teeth and seems like she wants to “chew” so I’m about to graduate from puree to mush?? Hang in there, at this stage in their life every phase temporary 😉

  3. InnerDiva says:

    Does Foxy have any teeth yet? We just did our registry and saw one of those mesh things you can put fruit in and have the baby gnaw on. There are also some books on Amazon with recipes for homemade baby food. Don’t give up! (Because if you do, who will I have to look up to when I start? lol!)

  4. Give that baby some potlikka and some mashed up cornbread and she’ll be just fine!

    (I imagine you clutching your pearls at your desk as you read this! LOL!)

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