Weight Watcher

I knew it was going to be a good day when I slipped on my skinny jeans this morning.  No, they aren’t “skinny jeans”.  They are jeans that make me feel skinny.  I pulled them out of my closet just to see if they fit and what’ya know, they slipped right on and buttoned up with no resistance.  I haven’t worn them in two years.  They are my fave jeans because they make my rump roast look nice and round.

Sidebar:  I seriously considered taking a picture of said rump roast, but then I decided that gratuitous pics of Babs’ ass might be considered Doing Too Much.

On to the weigh in…

You will recall that last week I was up 1.8 pounds.  I worked minimally hard this past week to watch what I ate and drank.  I had some challenges and the usual eating from stress, but I am proud to report that I was…

Down 2.4 pounds Bitches!!!

That’s a total of 11 pounds!  And my 5% Goal! I received a round of applause and a sticker.  But more than that, I received a sense of accomplishment.  Now I’m ready to tackle the next 9 pounds!

Foxy was super proud of me too.  She even helped weigh me in.  The ladies at my center just love her and ask to keep her every week.  Afterwards, and during the meeting, she kept grabbing at the arm tatt on the lady next to me.

This week, in addition to working on mommy’s diet, we’ll be working on manners.

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18 Responses to Weight Watcher

  1. brannon says:

    awwww, look at the baby!!!

    congratulations to you babs! there’s nothing like fitting back into those “skinny” jeans. you should be proud!

  2. Shea says:

    Well, alright then! Congrats Miss.

  3. Mrs. AKAtude says:

    Keep up the good work Babs!

    Your Foxy is just a lil doll! Love the pics you post of her, she seems so animated lol.

  4. Monica h says:

    Great job on the weight loss.

  5. cbean says:

    Great job Babs!!! Now I need to do something. **sigh**

  6. SoniaB says:

    Great job! Foxy is a doll

  7. Deljah says:

    Positive thoughts and persistent efforts pay off! Way to go, Babs!

  8. Gladys says:

    Congratulations, Lady! Rooting for you!

  9. t. sheree says:

    Congratulations, Babs! What a way to stay motivated. 😀

  10. pserendipity says:

    Alright now! In a few weeks, you’re gonna be skinny mini!! Keep it up!

  11. Serenity23 says:

    Congratulations! And Foxy is so cute!

  12. jamie says:

    good for you!
    side bar- “you could never do too much:)

  13. AR Gal says:

    Congrats Babs!!!

    I just love pics of the “blog kids”. It really helps brighten my day.

  14. keyalus says:

    Yeah for fitting into your “skinny jeans”!

    Great picture of Foxy and LOL at the tattoo fascination. Lewis was absolutely enthralled as a baby when he met a man with a gold tooth. Couldn’t stop staring!

  15. 1969 says:

    That is fantastic!!! Congrats to you (and Foxy is adorable).

  16. SimplyB says:

    Go Babs!!! I have a few pairs of jeans I refuse to let go of.

    Foxy is soooooo cute!!!

  17. Honest says:

    Congrats Babs!

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