Size Matters

At last week’s meeting, the topic was portion control.  The meeting leader showed us some examples and had members come up and pour out what they thought certain portions were.  I know I am guilty of pouring 8 ounces of wine when it should be 4, but I am pretty good at measuring out side dishes of rice and taters.

One area I know I am probably overeating is in meat.  A lot of the measurements in Weight Watchers is by the ounce.  I don’t have a food scale so I am totally guessing when I cook.  I might pick up a food scale if they aren’t too expensive.

The leader suggested we eat off of salad plates so that our eyes and mind think we are eating a plate full of food.  This is something I already do, but I think I’d like to have pretty salad plates to make my meals feel special.

This weekend I’ll head to Pier One or Hobby Lobby and see if I can’t find a couple of pretty salad plates on the low low.

Are you good with portion control?  Do you measure your food or just eyeball it?

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13 Responses to Size Matters

  1. MrsTDJ says:

    I never measured food until I was preparing for my gastric bypass surgery. During those nutrition classes that I took, I realized that my eye balling of food was HORRIBLE. After learning some of the common references for size (3oz chicken is about the size of deck of cards, etc), I went out and bought a food scale. That scale changed everything for me. I still use it. Not every day because I get it now, but as a reality checkup once a week or so. I love the Ziploc snack size baggies. They help me with portion control on bite size snacks.

  2. busybodyk says:

    I am pretty good at it. I have small plates that I use most of the time. When I’m dining out, I try to pack my doggy bag when I get my plate so I don’t eat everything.

  3. K says:

    I SO had to regulate on that when doing WW (and still do to keep the pantalones fitting). I still screw it up when it comes to pasta (adore it), but do okay with other foods.

  4. keyalus says:

    I use the small bowls and plates thing and always try to have more veggies on my plate than anything else. I’m bad with meat sometimes because the deck of cards trick doesn’t really apply to stuff like tilapia which is so lightweight. I go heavy with the protein so I generally want 4-5oz. I will weigh stuff like that but I don’t obsess too much.

  5. CC says:

    I use small plates, as well. TJ Maxx, Home Goods and Marshall’s tend to have nicely decorated small plates. Sometimes on clearance, too. I have a variety; no two are the same.

  6. dmac says:

    I think I can eyeball it, but I really can’t. Like I’ll tell myself “one portion is 100 calories, so I should be able to eat 4 portions and still be ok”

  7. Since starting on Atkins, I have definitely been measuring food more, in particular sauces and so much with proteins..

  8. Kita says:

    I usually use the smaller bowls that you use for cereals so far it’s been good but I so want to go for seconds.

  9. Kunwrapped says:

    I’m not on WW but I have a food scale for meat. Everything else is pretty easy to eyeball but I mostly measure everything unless I’m in a situation where I can’t.

  10. t. sheree says:

    My friend got these super cute bowls from Anth.ropo.logie to help her with portion control (she was on WW as well), so I wonder if they have cute salad plates.

    She also has this scale, which is really good and affordable, and she uses it for baking as well:

  11. Honest says:

    I think I know what a cup is but I have no idea. I measure when I’m at home. I didn’t buy the WW scale or measuring spoons but bought some measuring spoons and a scale at IKEA for a lot cheaper. If there isn’t one in ATL I wonder if you can get cheapish versions at Tarjee.

    I learned from my WW leader that a chicken breast portion was the size of my palm (first time ever that I was thankful for my big hands!) and that’s how I usually measure my chicken portions.

  12. amyg says:

    I am the worst at portion control. I really need to get better.

  13. Gladys says:

    I learned about portion control on WW, too. I have a food scale, but I haven’t been using it often well not at all. However, I do know what a serving size of most foods are…..especially my favorite carb…rice.

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