Back in the Day

This song and video makes me miss my old life so much.  Not my old life a coupleof years ago when I used to post up with a drink in my hand and look cute.  I’m talking about my old life ten years ago when I would go to a club and party the entire night.  I would walk in with one hair style and leave with another from dancing and sweating so much.  I remember being on a first name basis with the DJ and when I would give him the nod he’d play my favorite song.  And I would dance like a mad woman every single time.

Life was sooooo easy back then.  I had no idea what was in store for me.

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3 Responses to Back in the Day

  1. Shea says:

    Ooooh, that’s the kinda night I’m talking about. I need it in my life. That’s a MJQ, sweat it out kinda Friday. That’s it, next Friday it’s ON! I’ma party all night long off of $15. LMAO.

  2. sherri says:

    I feel the same way when I hear music from the 90’s like Guy or Mint Condition, etc…

  3. K says:

    I sometimes remember when I used to start getting ready to go out for the night at 10pm. I would then drink and dance and drink and get home at 6am.

    Now I’m in bed by 9pm or I start to get worried about being too tired the next day.

    Sigh. Am old.

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