Weekend in Review: Winning!

It was cold.  It was rainy.  It was magnificent!

We’ve had such good weather lately, that I’ve found myself in them streets from dawn to dusk.  By the end of the weekend I’m usually exhausted, Regan is exhausted and my high mileage vehicle is exhausted.  So when I heard about the rainy weather we were having, I got excited.  We would, gasp, stay in for most of the weekend!

Saturday morning after weigh in, we headed to our favorite store- Trader Joe’s.  I got a few of our favorites and walked out only 15 dollars lighter.

In the afternoon we headed to the other ends of the earth to meet up with one of my mommy friends for some fun in the pool.  Regan loves baths so much, I just knew she would love the swimming pool, and I was right.  She was so happy and I hate that I didn’t have my flip camera with me to catch it on film.

We only stayed in for about 45 minutes, but we had a blast.  I let her lie on her back and kick, lie on her front like superman and I even dunked her a couple of times.  She never made a single sound of protest.  I can’t wait to get her in a real deal swim classes.

For dinner, I decided to make a taste of home.  “Cincinnati-style” chili was on the menu.  They were sampling the recipe at Publix and I just knew I had to make it.  It tasted just like Skyline Chili!  Wait, it was actually better because I knew exactly what the ingredients were and the quality of meat.

Normally when I eat skyline I get the coney dogs.  This time, however, I put it over some spaghetti.  Mmmmmm mmmmm!  I served it with a cabernet and I promise you I couldn’t have been any happier.

Sunday morning, I made us breakfast and planned for a lazy day.  Baby wasn’t really feeling breakfast, so I let her play for a while.  When I saw her giving me the “I’m sleepy” queue, I scooped her up and we got in my bed.  We snuggled while she snored like an ogre slept like an angel.  Eventually I dozed off too.  We were cuddled in bed two hours later.  It was the best!

After skypeing with my mom for two hours (!!!) I decided we had to run a couple of errands.  It’s just too much on me to get things done in that 90 minute window between getting off work and daycare closing.  So I bundled baby up and we were out.

The end of the day found us once again in my bed.  She played with toys while I blogged and watched television.

This week, namely tomorrow, is a pretty big week for me at the Plantation.  I could use all forms of prayer, positive thoughts and spirit fingers.

How was your weekend?

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15 Responses to Weekend in Review: Winning!

  1. cbean says:

    I was off and on at work this weekend. I will be praying for good outcomes tomorrow.

  2. Mrs. AKAtude says:

    I will be thinking of and praying for you. Blessings!

  3. t. sheree says:

    Spirit fingers, prayer hands, and all that! Gotcha. 🙂

  4. 1969 says:

    Wishing you good luck today. Sounds like you had a great weekend. Love her face while she is in the pool.

  5. amyg says:

    good luck! good luck! good luck!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Lori F says:

    Good luck! Crossing fingers, toes, etc for good news for you!

    Love the pic of your water baby! She’s clearly having a ball! Katie loves the water too; whoever gives the bath comes out just as wet as she does after all her splashing! On a positive note, I don’t have to mop the bathroom floor as often 🙂

  7. The prayers have already gone us, I’m expecting blessings to come down!

    Your kid stays camera ready!! 🙂

  8. AR Gal says:

    Good luck this week!

  9. Gladys says:

    Weekend was great! Headed to western MD with 14 other people for some fun on the slopes and cabin living. Our annual friends ski trip! At the last minute, I decided not to take ski lessons. There wasn’t a lot of snow and I just wanted to chill on Friday during the day. Later we all went out for late night snowmobiling. Saturday we did the mountain roller coaster which was such fun! Felt like a big kid! Rest of the weekend was spent gaming (played Scrabble like it was going out of style), movie watching, eating, and drinking. Fun times! Will keep you in my prayers. I know the feeling!

  10. mzinspiredmind says:

    Thoughts and prayers! My weekend was amazing but exhausting.

  11. Clu says:

    *spirit fingers*

  12. Honest says:

    Praise fingers and prayers!

  13. Bunny says:

    Weekend was pretty chill. Went to see that movie Take Me Home Tonight, had lunch and way too many libations. Nothing much but lazying around on Sundayand today waiting on that important call. Prayers and spirit fingers going up for you!

  14. Dark&Lovely says:

    Dang I’m late (as usual) but I hope its not too late to put the spirit fingers in the air for ya!! And prayers up!!

  15. Sha Boogie says:

    That snuggling sounds FANTASTIC!!! Hmph… I put baby in bed with me and I usually get a foot to the nose, lol

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