9 Months

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been nine months already.  It’s hard to believe that after spending 39 weeks in my tummy, baby has been here for almost as long.  Funny how that time ticked by so slowly, but the days are now moving so fast.

Today she had her nine month wellness checkup.  She is very healthy and happy.  They were a bit concerned about weight.  They would like her to gain a little weight.  I cannot believe MY CHILD needs to gain weight.  I always assumed I’d have a little porky, but that isn’t the case at all.

She isn’t malnourished at all, but they want her to have a couple of more ounces on her to get her in line with other kids her age.  She weighed in at just over 18 pounds.  She is still super tall.  She is in 12 month clothes, but really she is ready for 18 months.  I’ve already transitioned her to a couple of 18 month outfits.  I can’t have that baby in high waters!

For the most part I am pretty happy with where she is developmentally.  She is “talking” more and more.  I think she is starting to understand when I say “bye” or “no.”  I say no and she actually stops and looks at me…then goes about doing whatever it is I told her to stop doing.

We have had a couple or three nights where she slept through the night, but it hasn’t been consistent enough for me to say that we have a pattern.  I definitely think the carbo loading is helping.


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4 Responses to 9 Months

  1. heartdrops says:

    “I say no and she actually stops and looks at me…then goes about doing whatever it is I told her to stop doing.” – LOL! I wonder what goes on in their heads when they do that.

  2. K says:

    Maybe because of how tall she looks in pictures, but I thought she was older than 9 months. Huh.

    I refuse to have floods on my children too. And shirts that are too short in the arm. Hate that look.

  3. Petite Pearl says:

    Yay Foxy! Foxy and Sidney are almost exactly 3 months apart. We had our 6 month check up yesterday. He’s a little skinny on the weight too.

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