Food Stuff

I just ate a grilled chicken breast and a pea and carrot puree.  It was food I made for Regan, but it had been in the fridge for several days and I didn’t want it to go bad.  And you know what, it ain’t half bad!  I seriously might start eating pureed peas and carrots on the regular.


A coworker offered to take me and another coworker out to celebrate getting to keep our jobs.  I was all excited until they told me where we were going- Flip Burger.  You guys know I love me some Flip!  There is no way I can go there and not get a nutella and burnt marshmallow milkshake.  It’s the day before weigh in, though.  So I’m at a crossroads on what to do.


My summertime cocktail of choice is going to be coconut rum and tropical punch crystal light.  Add a lime and you’ve got a tasty (and lo cal) concoction!


Publix Deli Salsa is the truth!


Last night for dinner I had roasted butternut squash and a WW ice cream bar.  I stood at the stove and ate the squash straight out of the pan.

Lazy AND trifling!

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4 Responses to Food Stuff

  1. Sha Boogie says:

    Sounds like you’re doing WW? Me too! I’ve lost 11.8 pounds since January.. and I’m starting to get ‘lazy and trifling’ LOL! I haven’t tracked food in about a week *sigh*..I feel like I’m falling into a rut before I even hit my halfway mark.

  2. Gladys says:

    Try the WW version of the watermelon margarita. I had that almost every day after work two years ago. No alcohol, though. You can add it if you want.

  3. S23 says:

    Mam, take yourself to that burger joint and SKIP the shake. You’ll be fine. Tell yourself before you go that you aren’t having it and then don’t look at the shakes on the menu.
    I always flinch when waitresses ask me what i want to drink. What I REALLY want is a damn coke, but what I order is water with lemon.

  4. jamie says:

    if you put the pureed peas and carrots in two different squeeze bottles, squiggle some quick lines, plop down the chicken breast on top you can charge $32.50 a plate

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