Obession Numero Uno

I have a new obsession.  Actually, I’m working on about three obsessions right now and that’s not even including that stupid toybox.

Today I’ll tell you about obsession numero uno: Clarisonic.

I don’t know why, but I’ve got it in my mind that I HAVE to have this.  I’ve even put it on my vision board.  Mayhaps it is because of this whole 2011 Upgrade that I am going through.  Whatever the case, I need this.  My pores need this.  My uneven skin needs this!

Have you seen the pricetag?  Yeah, maybe I’ll get one for Christmas.  Regan has too many needs for me to even think about spending upwards of $200 on something to make me look good.

I know 1969 is a Clarisonic user.  Is anyone else?  Is it worth the money?

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8 Responses to Obession Numero Uno

  1. Daphne says:

    I’ve never used the Clarisonic even though I’ve heard some great things about it. I recently purchased the Oil of Olay cleansing system (http://olayprofessional.com/cleansingSystem.html). My skin is now clear, it has a glow, and my pores are smaller. (I’ll be 37 years old next month for reference.) Hopefully I’ll be able to grab the Clarisonic later, but for now I’m happy.

  2. sundaze says:

    I was obsessed with these a couple of months ago too, but couldn’t bring myself to pull the trigger. I may end up trying one of the less expensive options, like the Olay, before going all in with the Clarisonic.

  3. GeckoGirl says:

    I bought one and didn’t see any noticeable difference after ~3 weeks of use so I returned it. I guess you either love it or hate it. If you do buy it, go to Sepho.ra since they allow full refunds if you don’t like it for any reason.

  4. M says:

    I have one and I use it. I say don’t sacrifice the rent for it but if you can fit into your budget I think you’ll like it. QVC puts on sale throughout the year so you can make use of easy pay. I’ve always had pretty good skin so my review is based on “maintenance” use not “I needed a miracle”.

  5. nineteen69 says:

    I have mine and I love it but don’t think it’s worth buying one. Remember, I won mine and got it for free. I think you can get the same results from a good face brush. Have you looked at the mini Clarisonic?

  6. yvonne says:

    I bought a Clarisonic about a month ago and I love it. Now, I don’t see any noticeable differences yet but I love the way my skin feels…so smooth! The feeling after you use a scrub…but on a daily basis! And I’ll let you in on a secret. Skinstore.com frequently has them on sale for 20% off. Oh, and you can go through ebates and get an additional 6% cash back. (So you could essentially get it for $147. I ended up buying mine from Bloomie’s at Perimeter mall, but that was after I told the Kiehl’s sales associate that I was going to buy it online. And guess what, they honored the same 20% discount. I got that sucker for $156! She told me the Mia wasn’t worth it…save up my money to at least buy the classic so I at least have 2 speeds.

  7. naturallyk says:

    I had a hookup from and friend who works in an esthetician’s office (1/2 price) and just started using mine 2 weeks ago. have pretty clear skin with minimal breakouts but I got it to see if it would help reduce the appearance of my pores. I agree with how smooth it makes your skin feels. I’ve also noticed that the lines on the tops of my checks have practically disappeared. In the past I used an at home microdermabrasion kit to get rid of them. So far, it seems worth it for me.

  8. sundaze says:

    You talked this up! It’s the Today’s Special Value on QVC today. For the next 21 hours you can get it for $195, or 4 easy payments of $49.

    (Yes, I’m watching QVC at 4 a.m. Don’t judge me.)

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