I’m five months pregnant.

Okay, not really but I sho nuff look 5 months pregnant.  Even with my “foundation garment” I have a definite pooch.  I’ve been eating pretty good 6 days a week and I’m down nearly 12 pounds, so it can’t be that I’m just porking up.  This morning I realized what the problem is: I’m bloated.

Now for some of you, this is a normal occurrence, but for me this is taking some getting used to.  Prior to having a baby, I never experienced this nuisance called bloating.  I never had to deal with carrying extra water weight for a few days a month.  I never had to deal with random breakouts on my face.  I had my fair share of bitchiness mood swings, but that was about it.

For the past few months, however, I’ve definitely noticed a pattern of bloatedness.  And me no likey!  I have to hold my stomach in extra tight and I have to carefully choose the most flattering of my already feeble wardrobe.

This whole having a period thing is a total drag.  I’m so hoping my “lighter period” side effects kick in soon.  I’m not cut out for all of this.

Do you get bloaty once a month?  How do you combat the puffiness?

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13 Responses to Puffy

  1. amyg says:

    bloated, moody, crampy, etc. etc. AND, since kids I have the added joy of extremely painful ovulation. No idea why. Good monthly times here. I also eat like a cow for a day or so. I lose all control. I am not sure what helps with the bloating…I just live with it.

  2. Krissy says:

    I get 10lbs of water weight a month. It comes a week prior to the WAR and it goes away a few days into the actual WAR which to me means I’m #winning lol

  3. AR Gal says:

    I don’t experience much bloating. My tits? Well that’s a different story. They get really sore. Oh and I cry…..a lot. Perhaps my bloating occurs in the brain which is why I have to cry and get it out.

    Yeah, that’s it.

  4. cbean says:

    Hmmm, I don’t think I get bloated. I have a gut that has to go, so it might get lost up under that. LOL. But I know I grew up never having cramps. However once I started and then stopped BC Pills. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaby, those jokers would run down to the bottom of my feet. I was NOT nice on the first day of cycle. Once those cramps were done I would have to adjust my halo, cause ya girl was a straight devil that first day. Now my cramps just tend to squeeze everything out on day one. If you know what I mean. I know. TMI. LOL.

  5. K says:

    I get crazy bloated and poofy looking in my midsection. The scale even goes up about 2-3 pounds which stinks.

  6. Mrs. AKAtude says:

    I don’t suffer from bloating, thank goodness, but cramps that you wouldn’t believe! I just had to get my Dr. to prescribe me something during that time. A gift and a curse is my flow is minimal, but the way that I’m in pain….. well, you get the picture.

  7. Nerd Girl says:

    I don’t bloat. But I turn into a total biatch for 2-3 days a month. I noticed it a couple of months ago. I swear I wasn’t like this even a year ago. Sigh.

  8. Cyn says:

    I’ve always had really bad cramps; curled up on the bathroom tile dry heaving only a shot in the azz at the ER will help cramps. I lose at least a week or two a year to cramps. I also get really sore boobs. They hurt so bad I want to cry. No bloating but I get quite emotional.

  9. Shea says:

    LOL, don’t play like that. The first thing that popped in my head after reading the first line was “Oh schnap!”

    I get off pretty lucky during that time. Every now and then I have a hellacious time, but overall no complaints.

    HOWEVER, now that I haven’t had any action in almost two years, I’m having a time of it with my diva cup. NO BUENO!

  10. GatorGirl says:

    A solid 5lbs every month during that blessed time!! It sucks..I have special pants that I wear during those days…

  11. Solo Cruise says:

    I do and I gain at least 5 lbs. It begins about a week and a half before and goes about 5 days through my 7 day hell. For about two weeks out of every month I’m fighting with my clothes. Pants that contain spandex are my besties. This began about 2 years ago for me. Oh and now I get the worst cramps. 😦 #endWhine

  12. Don’t really bloat, but I have a BAD headache on Day 1 and my Aunt Flo is the like the Nile River. But I’m luckly. I only mildly cramp and I am done in 4 days tops.

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