Randomly Speaking

It’s St. Patrick’s Day!  As an O’Leary I feel like I should be out celebrating with my other Irish brethern, unfortunately none of my friends party like that.  When I lived in Collegetown, I celebrated every year.

Sometimes I really miss Collegetown.


Is it just me or is Richard B.laise a complete arrogant ass this season?  He is acting so entitled and I secrety love how he gets the gas face whenever he loses.


I still love his burgers.


I’ve got good eats in the works for dinner tonight.  Can’t wait to post pics!


I’m finally getting into “Wench” but I’m so busy I hardly have time to read.


I’ve been getting some quotes on some work for the house and it hurts my heart.  Who has that kind of money?!?


Things that once used to warm my heart only piss me off now.




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8 Responses to Randomly Speaking

  1. K. Rock says:

    It’s looking like if Blaise doesn’t win, he might off himself. He is so dang intense. I am rooting for Antonia even though it’s looking like Mike.

    Can’t wait to see your food pics.

  2. Jack says:

    Richards insecurities are making him look like the biggest ass this season. I could have gone my whole life with out see Mike take his shirt off last night, it actually made me turn away from the TV until that part was done and please don’t let him win!!!

  3. Honest says:

    Richard needs to calm down. He knows what his issues are and they may be his down fall. Yeah his face is funny!

  4. Dark&Lovely says:

    I will cry if Mike wins. He is one of my least favorites this allstar season. It took me over the top when he stole the chicken oyster idea out of Richard’s book. I’m Team Antonia!

  5. wifey615 says:

    Glad to see I’m not alone in my distaste for both Richard and Mike. I LOVE the gas face lololol. I think he deserves it every.single.time. because of his arrogant attitude. He was definately my fav in his season. Out of who is left, Antonia gets my vote.

    Wench was worth the read…though them heifers GOT ON MY NERVES!

    I need work on my house too. I’m glad my hubby is a GC, now if I could just get him to complete a project or two around the house, I’d be set!

  6. Nerd Girl says:

    Blaise is quite obnoxious. But that didn’t stop me from hollering when he looked in the camera and said “YOU don’t want to see Mike without his shirt either.” I think Antonia can pull it off if she can stay calm.

    Blaise also needs to shave like yesterday!

  7. nineteen69 says:

    I still love Blaise and I think he will win the whole thing. Mike stole his recipe and that’s bad karma! Antonia needs to stop making easy azz food. Fish topped with sauce is not gonna win $200K. Sweet Potato pasta will.

    I just finished Wench. It was good.

  8. CaliSlim says:

    None of your friends party like that?! 0_O Who wouldn’t be down for some green beer? 😆 Don’t blame it on your friends, a lot of them went to party schools too! 🙂

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