Wednesday Night Randoms

I’m sitting here watching “Speed” for the thousandth time.  It is truly the movie I have seen more than anything.  When it first came out and then subsequently on video, my ex (live in) boyfriend and I owned it.  We didn’t have movie channels, and at one point I don’t even think we had cable, so we watched this movie all the time.  I can quote every line in this movie.  Even after all these years.

The whim of a madman!


So the cable guy came the other day and installed my phone line and changed out my cable box for an HD box.  Tonight my mom asked me how I liked the HD quality and it occurred to me that I hadn’t even tried it out.  I didn’t even know where the HD channels were.  You see how much I care about HD?  Yeah, I only switched boxes because it lowered my bill.


Did I mention that the cable guy dropped the cable box on my foot and left a dirt stain on the carpet?  Loser.  Yes, I called them and reported it.  Not to get him in trouble, but it came up in the course of the conversation.


My parents are the bomb-itty.  Both of them in their own special way.  They love me and my girl without question and they move mountains to ensure that we are okay.  I talk to one or both of them every single day.


My life is full of misfits and they are wearing thin on my patience.


Tomorrow I have to do something really scary.  Well, scary is an exaggeration, but I have to do something difficult and tears will surely be involved.


I tried a new technique on my hair tonight and I am excited to see the results.


If you follow me on twitter (@babsinblogland) you know I have been obsessed with having pizza recently.

You’ll be happy to know that me and pizza were reunited tonight and it felt so good!


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2 Responses to Wednesday Night Randoms

  1. Bunny says:

    I haven’t seen Speed in a very long time but what I want to know is how many times does she say Jack??? LOL!!!

  2. K says:

    I always feel so happy when reunited with a long-time food friend. It’s a hug for my stomach.

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