Dear LA Fitness:

If you really wanted me back you’d offer me a better deal than $30 a month.

Now quit emailing me every week with the same exact offer!

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4 Responses to Dear LA Fitness:

  1. Barista says:

    I posted the exact thing on twitter last week. Those emails annoy the crap out of me!

  2. Tazzee says:

    If you get a better deal let me know. $29.99 is their ‘sale’ price.

  3. CaliSlim says:

    Can you forward one of those emails to me? For new members they are asking for $40 a month. Now you can get it for $30 if you’re added to a current members account, but who wants to do that?!

    I am told you can negotiate fees, especially at the end of each month. By now the New Years resolution folks should be gone and the better deals should be starting. I’d go for $30 a month tho…so shoot me the info plz!

  4. kimmy says:

    They suckered me into rejoining with those emails. But they kept coming AFTER I rejoined! So annoying!

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