Mind the Gap

Last week, when I went in for a cleaning, my dentist casually asked me if I had ever considered doing something about the gap in my teeth.  Honestly, I had only given it a passing thought.  I figured it would require braces or invisalign and a couple of years of waiting.  More importantly, I figured it would require mad amounts of dough and that’s something I just don’t have.

My dentist told me he could bond the teeth and it would be just like a filling.  He said my insurance would cover it and I would just have to pay my normal portion.

To be perfectly honest, the gap in my teeth has never really bothered me.  It’s certainly not on a Strahan level.  Most people, like my mom, never even notice it.  I think it isn’t that noticeable in person, but in pictures it stands out.  Since I’m all about the upgrade for 2011, I told him I might be interested depending on the cost.  Before I left, I stopped at the front desk and the lady pulled out her calculator and started putting in a bunch of numbers.  I was scared what the final number would be but was pleasantly surprised at my portion.  I have fantastic dental insurance.  I was sold and made an appointment to return to have the gap filled.


Yesterday, I showed up at 8am for my appointment and I walked out 45 minutes later with no gap between my two front teeth.  Amazing!  It was so easy, it didn’t even require numbing.  The bonus was that my final portion was a fraction of what she originally quoted me.


I wish I had looked into this years ago.  I love the new look, even though it is a minor change.  I think it will give me more confidence when I smile (which I actually hate to do).

Now I just need to save up my duckets so I can afford to get injections on my non-existent top lip.

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24 Responses to Mind the Gap

  1. cbean says:

    I never really paid much attention and probably, if asked, would have said you did not have a gap. LOL. The before and after is noticable, but again I probably wouldn’t have noticed that you had had the work done. The important part is that it makes you feel better. Never noticed your top lip either until you just pointed it out.

    • Babs says:

      I have tons of flaws I can point out!

      • cbean says:

        Well stop it missy. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. God took time to shape and mold each and every one of us. To say you have flaws is to say He did something wrong in making you. Nonsense. LOL. Yep, my new bible study is Becomein a Woman of Worth. Bear with me. LOL.

  2. cbean says:

    Okay, these old crappy computers at my new job won’t let me see the right hand box of the comments. It should be Becoming.

  3. K. Rock says:

    Girl that gap was so tiny!! But I can defintely relate to having little things you want to change about yourself. Stuff others dont think is a big deal, may be a bigger deal to you. I think you look great.

  4. Ms. Smart says:

    I’ve met you and seen lots of pics. Until you pointed out the gap, I never noticed it. if closing it makes you smile more, closing it is a good thing.

  5. ames says:

    He did a good job. It looks natural. I am a fan of gaps, I think they are pretty, even on Strahan. I especially appreciate that its harder for food to get stuck in between your teeth when you have spaces.

  6. I never noticed it either but it does look nice. I’m jealous of the white shiny teeth!

    And your makeup in the before picture is rather fetching! 🙂

  7. K says:

    I only ever noticed your gap because I used to have one (gone due to adolescent braces) and Ezra has one and I think they’re kind of…fetching?, if that’s the right word.

    And all costs related to teeth, make me nervous. Chompers are so expensive–even with insurance. I sometimes think I went into the wrong field.

  8. jamie says:

    have you considered letting a bee sting you on your lip, I’m just saying it’s got to cost less than the injections.

  9. Kunwrapped says:

    Your dentist did a very good job. I’ve already shelled out enough money for adult braces but could still use a little veneer action in the front but am afraid of the chiclet teeth look. Yours look very natural.

  10. bapster says:

    I’ve noticed your gap but never thought much of it, except that it was cute on you. I have to say though, the post-gap look is great. More sophisticated or polished looking or something. I can’t really put my finger on it, but I like!

  11. Mrs. AKAtude says:

    I liked your gap! But your smile does look brighter now! I used to have a gap and I got braces at the ripe ‘ol age of 30 to fix it! But get this, for whatever reason, my side teeth still had to be bonded a little after as a fill in or buffer. My Orthodontist suggested I go to a Dentist that he knew and my family happened to know him as well, and since my insurance wouldn’t cover it, I think I paid him $150 to do it. Thank GOD for the family hook up!

  12. Clu says:

    Wow! Your dentist did a great job! It looks very natural

  13. Sasha says:

    It looks great!! It looks so natural. The dentist did a great job

  14. doahleigh says:

    Amazing! Who knew it was so easy?

  15. keyalus says:

    I think it looks great (wasn’t bad before though) and who knew such a thing could be a simple and easy fix!

    Is it odd to smile now and have it not be there? I’d imagine it is! You see yourself one way for years and then its different.

  16. dmac says:

    You look great! I love my gap and have no plans of changing it but my husband got braces at 35 and loves the results.

  17. sundaze says:

    I had no idea something like that could be done so quickly. He did a very nice job. It looks totally natural.

  18. Gladys says:

    Very nice! I noticed that you had a gap before, but it wasn’t major. Always thought you had a great smile, regardless.

  19. missmajestic says:

    never noticed you had a gap. I’m wearing braces-metal ones. I get them off May 16th!! whoo hoo! I got them because of a growing gap….Like I could see the difference in pictures I took just a few years earlier. Orthodontist told me it would only get bigger. And I think it was more noticeable on my because my teeth are bigger if that makes sense. I had some other crowding and bite issues affecting how well I could clean my teeth . It was expensive but for I thought it was worth it because I was getting REALLY self conscious, I was anal about my teeth and my smile was something I get complimented on so I didn’t want it jacked up! I actually don’t think gaps look bad on other people, usually.

  20. SimplyB says:

    It looks great!

    Dentists are cool people. I would go to them over the doctor any day.

  21. Solo Cruise says:

    Wow! Who knew you hated to smile? You had/have a beautiful smile! Nothing wrong with a confidence booster though. Whatever makes you feel more awesome about you…run it! You see all the stuff I’m doing. lol

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