It’s Thursday and I Got Nothin!

Well, that’s not entirely true.

I got this oatmeal from Mickey Dee’s this morning and it is yummy.  According to the receipt, I got a chance to win a monthly prize of $1,000.

I got the slightest twinge of a headache this morning.  Probably cause I hardly had any carbs yesterday.

I got tons of work to do and only 8 hours to complete it.  Friday is a holiday, shawty!

I got to quit saying shawty.  It sounds so unnatural.

I got a houseguest coming this weekend and I have done zerozipzilch to prepare.

I got the cutest little girl in the whole wide world.

I got to get her sleeping through the night.  I can’t take it much longer.

I got to lose 5 pounds by summer.

I got to have patience with the Misfits today.  It’s like middle school up in here.

I got to get a grill.  I’m tired of not getting invites for grilled meats.  I’ma make my own!

Well, that’s all I got.

Whatchu got?

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13 Responses to It’s Thursday and I Got Nothin!

  1. AR Gal says:

    And now for a musical selection……………….

  2. cbean says:

    I agree. The McDonald’s oatmeal is delish. I lented drive thru establishments with two coupons for free oatmeal still in my purse. **sigh**

  3. laughing808 says:

    I’m inclined to agree you do have one of the cutest little girls, but my nieces cutey pies and in that group as well, ROFL

  4. K says:

    T swears by that oatmeal. He loves it!

    Also, grilled meats are the BEST.

  5. Donna says:

    Hubby volunteered to grill tonight. I have zero interest in making some sides.
    I was supposed to make some coconut curry squash soup (last week). Squash is still sitting in the bowl. Doesn’t go with grilled meat but that may be our side.
    I want wine. Yes, at 10:30 in the morning, I would like a glass of wine. Now, I’m not having one (until maybe tonight) but… Let me sip a little agua real quick.
    I have great friends and I thank God for them. They are truly some of the best people in the world. Glad I was able to see some of them last night.
    Be careful with the McD’s oatmeal, I read somewhere that its nutritional stats rival a mc.muffin.
    Sheesh, is it Friday yet?

  6. Solo Cruise says:

    LOL!!! @ AR Gal. This is exactly what I was thinking when I read “Whatchu got?”.
    I got one more day of boot camp this week…but it will last about 2.5 hours. 😦

  7. keyalus says:

    I have never heard you say shawty IRL! Is it only a written word thing?

    I need a new grill too! Ours caught on fire the summer I had Lewis. I was grilling something and looked out the back door and the whole thing was ablaze. Talk about freaking out! The Mister’s Dad rigged it so it uses charcoal but I can’t deal with all that mess.

  8. innerdiva says:

    I got to gain some more weight. I’m tired of this pregnancy stuff, shawty.
    I got to get some Easter shoes. And an Easter pedicure.

  9. Nerd Girl says:

    I got hoes in different area codes. Okay, really I don’t.
    I got a sick kid who refuses to lie down somewhere and act sick.
    I got buckets of laundry to fold and zero desire to make it happen.
    I got to buy a dress. Today. I’m outta time.
    I got to ask: why is Foxy waking up? To eat? Have you tried ignoring her?
    I go to go. Hope y’all have a lovely weekend!!!

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